Monday, 11 June 2012


I'm at that awkward stage of my life where I can't wear heels or wedges on a day to day basis without looking moronic.  I will stay at this stage until atleast my first year at college.  That's a year. Wah.  Even then I still feel like people will be looking at me like 'Stop trying to look older than you are'  but I wouldn't be wearing heels (or more likely wedges) to make myself look older but purely because I love shoes.

*I know these don't look so nice online, but a friend of mine wore them when we all went out last week and they looked amazing!

*A girl can't forget the Litas!

*I NEED these in my life!  I'm dying for some platforms...although with the price tag on these babies I think they're slightly out of reach. :(

Now you may be able to understand my pain.  I hate being so so young, it's just that awkward stage where you can't do anything because you're not an adult but you're certainly not a child.  Ugh.  Some people treat you like a child and then you just want to rip their eyeballs out, because I'm not stupid and I am not a child ugh.  Okay tiny rant over.  I JUST WANT SHOES.

Right, I need to go shower as I got back from the gym way over an hour ago...Ew.  I had a break from revision today and just chilled and read/found loads of new cool blogs! Yay!  


  1. I love the first pair of heels , where are they from ? I totally understand your rant about being treated like a child , my parents are like that :(
    Love your blog. Iman xx

    1. It sucks!They're from NastyGal, if you click on the picture it should take you to the shoes on their website. Thanks! x