Monday, 31 December 2012

DIY Skirt & A Happy New Year!

Jacket/Motel Rocks//T shirt/Topshop//skirt/Made by me//tights/Ebay//shoes/River Island//Bag/Primark//Necklace/H&M//Bracelet/Topshop//Lipstick/Inhibition by Topshop//

'What have you done today, Megan?' you might ask.  Well, I made a skirt.  The one in the outfit and it cost me a total of £3 to produce.  Much cheaper then going to Topshop or the like for something similar...I'm so happy with it!
I've just filmed my Christmas haul and within that you will see that I got a sewing machine for Crimbo.  I've wanted one for a good few years to make my own clothes and try and save money (as I'm dreadful at saving :-( )  So yeah, since Christmas (bearing in mind I was away for 3 days - machine-less!) I've made this skirt, another one, in a different fabric, a pair of shorts, 2 bags and a few random things.  Pretty good going I say!
I went to the fabric shop a few days ago and got the houndstooth print fabric along with some crushed velvet but I'm still wondering what to do with the velvet.  I could make another skirt (from Toppers the equivalent would be £30 odd) or a really nice pair of shorts... I'd love to learn how to make a blazer so I could make a velvet shorts suit.  That would be so cool!  But I imagine blazers are  very difficult...Maybe I'll ask my sewing teacher to help me.  Or if you guys know, comment, it would be so helpful!
Anyway, I'm loving my new tshirt too!  I wore it with some amazing leather trousers I got in the Topshop sale and my mum said I looked like I was from Wham....Hmm.  My bag is new as well and despite it being really quite boxy and feeling plastic-y, it's gorgeous.  What else do you expect from Primark, though?  It was such a bargain at £12 I couldn't resist.
Oh, and I decided not to crop all of my room out of the photos as I really don't like just having a rectangle for an outfit photo, I'd rather have my messy room in the picture!  I really should start taking pictures elsewhere....Oh well!
I hope you guys have all had a brilliant Christmas and as it's the 31st of December, a fantastic New Year!  I'm really looking forward to spending it with all of my friends, yay!  What are you guys doing and what are you wearing?  I'll definitely get some pictures of my evening and my outfit up in the next few days.  Maybe, I'll post my resolutions and look back at them this time in 2013.

Love you all loads!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Vibing the 90's

Jumper/vintage//Jeans/Ebay originally Topshop//Belt/Vintage//Boots/New Look//Lipstick in Beguiled by Topshop//

Hello my lovlies!  I'm so excited to be writing to you guys!  I missed blogging frequently over the last month.  I haven't been doing good enough.  But I do have a reason...  I'll get onto that in a minute, I think you'll be happy!
When I put this outfit on I was really feeling a grungey 90's vibe so I chose this vintage jumper with my gorgeous boyfriend jeans (that I won for a steal of £5 on Ebay).  Unfortunately when they arrive I realised they are atleast 4 inches too big, so I've belted them for the time being but as soon as I get my sewing machine on Tuesday/Christmas day (SO freaky how quickly Christmas has come around!)  I will be taking them in.  Depending on if the machine comes with a thicker needles suitable for denim...If not then it will have to wait for me to get one.  If any of you are avid sewers, do any of you know if machines come with more that one type of needle?  Let me know.
Anyway, yeah I tried to girl-y it up with the boots, but really I just wore them because they kind of look like heeled chelsea boots from the front and I'm lusting over that kind of shoe right now.  I've moved on from court shoes and boyfriend jeans now that I have both those things and now need heeled chelsea boots!  Hello January sales....
Please excuse my hair, I've jus arrived home from the last day of school.  No lessons, just sitting in tutor with some of my pals that I've become great friends with over the last 5 years at school before some certificates and awards are given out in an assembly, before all the teachers dress up in stupid costumes and do funny dances/sing songs to current chart songs and so on as a sort of goodbye to the year 11's (me!!) and the rest of the school kind of all sit in a watch from the back.  Anyway, it was rather fun and I didn't really focus on my hair remaining neat so...yes.

Back to my original point!  Why I haven't been here?  I've been setting up the content for my new website - Rarity Fashion.  Rarity is going to be just that.  Fashion.  In a pretty little website focussing on all sorts.  So I've been busy planning that out with some lovely ladies writing for it as well as planning the layout and writing myself.  I'll do a separate post on it when there's more for you.  Follow Rarity on Twitter @rarityfashion or email us at

If I don't get to posting anything before Christmas I wish you all a very very fantastic-ly Merry Christmas!  Hope you have the most amazing, lovely Christmas ever!
Lots of love

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Burgundy, Metal Toed Perfection

"Megan, where on earth did you find those stunning shoes; by far the nicest pair that you own?"  You might ask me.  Well of all places...Matalan.  I don't tend to shop in Matalan, but when I went to meet a few friends and they ventured in there I found my babies and my heart skipped multiple beats.  Especially when I saw the price.  £5.  Yes, I did type that correctly.
I thought I needed to share these beauties with my lovely ladies (and gents).  I'm waiting on a pair of androgynous boyfriend jeans in the post, to be paired with plain tees, shirts, turtle-necks...and the delightful jumper that my handsome boyfriend is getting me for Christmas.  Oh, the dreams.  It's okay, because Christmas is a mere 8 days away!  Horray!

lots of love my little sprinkles (I don't even know, okay...)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ebay Sale: Motel Disco Pants

Hello ladies and gents!  I've just put up a pair of Motel Rocks Disco Pants in Pewter Crush size small on ebay.  Bidding starts at £3, if you're interested check it out, here.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cute LBD: 3 Ways video

So guys, this is a video I posted on my Youtube account (click on the video and it will take you there) a week or so ago, featuring the black Romwe dress I posted about a few posts down.  I styled it in 3 ways for different occasions; smart yet nice, a party and casual look.  Hope you like it and don't forget to leave feedback!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Black, Gold & a little bit of Faux Fur

Peplum/H&M//Jeans/Topshop//Shoes/Topshop//Leather Jacket/Motel Rocks//Faux Fur Stole/Topshop/Lipstick/Topshop in Beguiled//

I'm well aware this outfit it beyond boring, but in a way, I really liked the simplicity and sophistication of it in all of it's plain black glory.  But then again, some of the most amazing outfits can be all black.  Think Valentino AW12 and Dolce and Gabbana with the gold & black shoes (post on the HOTTIES very soon).
    As the outfit I was all black, I felt like having a tad more fun when editing (although all I do is play with colours and use crop!) and went for a blue-y theme today.  Don't worry, this isn't going to be a regular occurrence, it's just a bit of fun.
   I wore this outfit to go to a friends house for the evening, so it was very casual but I think you could smarten this up with maybe a blazer, some heels and some tapered trousers rather than jeans.
I'm thinking of doing a smart worky/school look book?  What do you guys think?  Leave me comments with what you think!
There's also a video for this look and when it's up, I'll leave a link here for you!

Meg x

Friday, 30 November 2012

Not On The Highstreet

(Jeans & Shirt - Topshop, Shoes - Primark)

This hot little sweatshirt is by Nell & the cutest of the cute this necklace is by Literary Emporium through Not on the High Street.
Not on the High Street is a lovely company, full of smaller brands that sell all sorts.  From small gifts to clothing.  Bath-bombs to mugs.  All sorts!  A few of my family members have been using Not on the High Street for a while now and all the gifts they always buy are so cute and pretty.  NOTHS has something for everyone, in my opinion.  A 15 year old like me or a 60 year old, I truly feel there is something for everyone no matter your taste.
    If you look through the website you'll find loads of options to browse the different categories, a lot of them done by theme which I just love.  If you go to the 'gifts' option there are loads of personality types to choose from; art-lover, style savvy.  Even wine connoisseur!  Obviously that's great for if you need to buy a gift for someone you don't know too well - a secret santa maybe?  Judge on what you think there personality type may be and Bob's your uncle!
     There is also a fabulous selection of Christmas gifts, arranged into different categories based on the person you're buying for and price range.
     They stock all kinds of brands.  Some you will have heard of, some you won't have.  Alphabet Bags for one, RegalRose another big name brand.  Oh and some of the jewellery is just to die for as you can tell from the ridiculously cute horsey!  The horse just had to be's so cute!

Literary Emporium is all based around the name.  All their products have literature within them.  For example all their necklaces come like above, with a gorgeous fitting quote from a book.  If you're into book, make sure you check it out!

I chose this sweatshirt because I've fancied a sweatshirt for a really, really long time so when a lovely lady from NOTHS contacted me I knew I had to pick this!  I love the brand's printing and I just thought this jumper was too good to miss.  It's unisex and I got it in a Medium as there wasn't anything smaller available. But it's so versatile and not to mention how comfy it is!  It's soft and that gorgeous fleecy feel inside which is just to die for.  Especially on those cold, drizzly days (here in England anyway) when you come in soaking wet, super cold feet and in need of snuggly clothes, hot chocolate and wintery feel good movies.  Obviously this jumper is not only for those occasions as I am ready to style the hell out of it.  Expect a lookbook based on it soon!  Would you prefer it as a video or photos?  Let me know!

Monday, 26 November 2012

RunAway Magazine - featuring me as a writer!

Hello all my lovely ladies (and gentlemen).
I am now a monthly writer for RunAway magazine!  How fantastic is that?  My first article is in this issue released on Sunday the 2nd of December.  My piece is about the link and inspiration between musicians and fashion....But I won't say anymore until it's release.
    RunAway is founder by it's editor in cheif Emily Burke who can also find on her blog.  I do believe the beautiful Coco (blog) also helps out a lot (she may be deputy editor, but I'm not sure on titles!).  It's a magazine run by teenage girls which is why it's so different and unique.  Real fashion by teenagers.  Cool, right?

Check RunAway out on tumblr.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Black as his heart

Dress - Romwe, Jacket - Motel, Bag - H! by Henry Holland, Necklace - Gift, Rings - All mum's, cuff - Topshop, Lipstick - Topshop in Beguiled

I wore this outfit to go to a charity fashion show at a local all-girls school.  I wouldn't have gone along normally - as it was mainly aimed at pupil's friends and family.  Most of the models were sixth form students along with a few teachers, I think.  I went along to help out a friend and also because I really wanted to!
    I went along with Question Me a group that is based around young people and they do all sorts.  They filmed the event as part of Question Me TV and I presented for them.  I've never done any presenting before but I do make YouTube videos so I thought it would probably be ok... And it was!  I think... I interviewed a few of the students at the school about modelling, styling, inspiration and just general questions about the event along with an interview with head mistress.  It was all in all pretty fun!  I really enjoyed presenting and watching the show ten times more then I thought I would and I'd really love to do a bit more presenting stuff in the future.

I wanted to look quite smart yet stay on trend as it's a fashion show after all.  A girls got to dress good right?  I smartened up this super sweet dress from Romwe with black boots with a small heel to make it more sophisticated and, really, just to make my legs look a little longer then they actually are!  (If you guys know how I can sort this short leg issue out, please help me.  I'm desperate!) I wasn't going to go into official work mode though because wasn't work.  I threw on my leather jacket to add some 'edge' and just make it a little rockier and live up to my 'fashion blogger' name which I rather enjoyed being known as on the night.  The satchel just goes with everything so that explains that.  I loved the look and felt really comfortable and just like myself in it.  It's not too daring but it still looks good.
    When the video of the night is all ready I'll put it up for you guys to have a quick look.

All in all, I've had a very successful weekend.  I've ordered 3 pairs of shoes (pictures up when they arrive), filmed a few videos, read my magazines & part of my new book (might do a post on it once I've read it - it's about fashion careers), finished off my 40's style apron at my sewing class and got loads of ideas for upcoming things!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Where to find me?

If you didn't already know I have a YouTube account that is full of your usual fashion blogger bits!  Check it out if you want to see me in 'real life mode'.  I'm planning of filming an a/w look book over the next few days as well as a haul coming up soon, so make sure to subscribe!  This is my most recent video.

You can also find me on TwitterPinterest & StyleSaint.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Not a Beauty Blogger But... FREE TOPSHOP!

All make up by Topshop.  Liner in 'Ink', Blush in 'Prime Time', Eye palette in 'Constellation', Brighten in 'Moonlight' & Nail Polish in 'Treasure'

We all know I am not a beauty blogger.  When I began blogging at the beginning of this year, I ended up drifting towards the beauty side.  Oh, beauty blogging, my dearest frienemy.  I soon realised, it wasn't for me. Trying my hardest not to be hypocritical but I do not personally enjoy reading blog post after blog post about make up and skin care products that I can't afford and will never buy but that's not to say I don't like the idea of beauty blogging and all the fantastic tutorials.  Ergo, I do love getting new beauty products and being able to rant and rave about them somewhere!

   I'm not going to go on a review the products (but I can if you comment below on which product you would like to be reviewed) but I will tell you that I got these pretty products as the gift for my 6 month Elle subscription.  Hurrah!  If I'm totally honest with you, this free gift (worth quite a bit of money) was the part of the offer that won me over.  But obviously the £10 for 6 months was a fantastic deal too.  It was supposed to come with Topshop's lippie in 'Whimsical' but I don't know what happened there because it didn't arrive...      Nonetheless, I think my favourite thing I received was this nail polish, it's just beautiful!  I've been fancying the metallic nail trend for a while but haven't gotten around to buying any.  You can't tell in these pictures but in real life the colour is just really subtle - it's like a metallic style nude with a tinge of orange with the way it pretty much fades into my hands (not that my hands are orange...I'm not sure how to explain it!  This is why I don't normally blog about beauty...!)  I'm also super gutted that all the nails on my right hand are a little longer and nicer than all of them on my left but due to being right handed, a left handed picture taking experience would not have been especially enjoyable.
    I already had the eye liner brush, but what's one more?  A freebie is a freebie right?!  I can't wait to use more of the products! Eeeeee!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Pointy Toed Princesses

I'm beginning to share with you some of the things I find most beautiful this season.  Things I'm really coveting and wishing I had the money to buy for myself... Trust me if I had the money for all the things I can think of in my head, this would be a very good blog indeed.
    Today, I want to share with you one of my most fantasised trends; pointy toed pumps and all their glory.

Pictures from StyleSaint & Pinterest

I made a StyleBook over on StyleSaint, to truly show my love towards this pretty little trend.
It fascinates me how such a delicate pair of shoes can turn an oversized scruffy outfit of boyfriend jeans, a slouchy grey t-shirt & a thrown on too-big, stolen-from-the-boyfriend blazer and turn it into street style heaven.  For this reason, I think I love sophisticated shoesesy like these even more.  The shoes turn the outfit around from boring, lazy tramp to purposefully off-duty chic.  What's not to love?!
     Especially for someone like myself, (15 year old fashion blogger wishing she could get away with wearing a lot more than she can) these shoes are perfect.  They shew away the idea that you can't wear heels under the age of 18 on a day to day basis because they're so damned sexy and cute that they just rock your look.

I don't really think much detail is needed to explain to you guys how fabulous this style of shoe really is.