Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Monochrome Love

Vest - Primark, Jeans and Denim Jacket - Topshop, Boots and Rings - H&M, Necklace - Dorothty Perkins

I bought this cute little monochrome sheer vest-y top today, envisaging all the outfits I can rock it with for S/S.   Today I thought I'd go simple with my go to jeans, but ah, it will just go with everything!  Not bad for £4.
This is like a shopping, or cinema outfit, just a day to day kind of one, but if I was to dress it up some more, I think I would go for a pair of black cigarette trousers or stick with the jeans and put on a black blazer with gorgeous heels or stick with the they're my new favourites.  Despite really hurting my toes, though.

Whenever I make a mirror image of my outfits, it always loses its quality.  For example, all of my pictures are taken on the same, very good, camera.  So, why, when I edit them into mirrored images, do they go all rubbishy?!  If you know, please help a girl out!

Oh, and thank you all so very much for your book recommendations, I will get my hands on them as soon as I can, but currently I am just about to begin the second book in the Beautiful Creatures series; Beautiful Darkness.  The book turned out to be so much better than the movie, so, I was right!  The movie completely changed the storyline of the ending, which totally annoyed me.  If you make a movie of a book, atleast stick to the storyline closer than they did.  Maybe they did it because they don't intend on making another movie.  I'm not sure, but nonetheless, I'm loving the books.  Mind you, they're totally ruining my revision schedule.

Talking of revision schedules, I must go back...Sad Megan.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Haul Time

Crop Top - Internacionale (£6.99)

Stacking rings - H&M (£3.99) 
(ignore my chipped nail polish...I'm off to paint them in a sec!)

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (£2.95 at Tesco)

Pretty boots - H&M (£24.99)

As promised, my haul.  Despite there not being a lot, it's atleast £40's worth; atleast 2 weeks of wages!  (baring in mind, I only work on Saturdays so, still pretty darn good for me).  

I've been lusting after one of those turtle neck crop tops since the moment I first saw one.  Finally I have got my hands on one and I'm clueless as to why it took me so long.  If you read yesterday's post, you'll know I was looking for some plain-ish tees that I could just wear with everything and in my disappointment, I gave in a bought one of these cuties.  I'm definitely going to get myself a black one too, I can see myself wearing it non stop over the summer with denim cut offs or statement trousers.  At £6.99 from Internacionale, it was one of the cheaper ones...Although it is annoyingly see through so I wish I spent a few more pounds and went to Topshop or ordered from Asos.  But alas!

I bought the stacked rings just because I think they give an outfit just a really cool touch.  I can't quite explain  it, but as a girl who loves jewellery, I'm super in love with simple things right now. 

As for the book.  I'm a huge book lover (mainly of rubbish, supernatural, teen romances; Twilight and the like).  I saw the movie of Beautiful Creatures and was quite dissapointed  but I've got a feeling that the book is going to be a lot more in-depth than the movie, that I felt, sort of ran over the key points too quickly.  I'm trying not to set my hopes too high, just incase.
   On the note of books, I really would love to 'open my mind' to more literature and good books.  Not just classic novel, anything that you feel everyone should read in their lifetime.  So, if you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments!

Finally, my gorgeous boots!  I love them!  So pretty.  I've been after a pair like these for what also feels like forever, but the same as with the crop top, I just never found myself buying any.  It was probably to do with the fact the only ones I found were close to £70 when I'd much prefer to spent £25.  So, I did!  Without a shadow of a doubt, I love them!  Super happy with them and I think they'll be one of the finishing touches half of my outfits are crying out for.

I have attempted to film a haul twice now.  The first time I was much to rambley and my hair was a hideous, hideous mess - even more so than usual.  And the second time the entire thing was out of focus.  I looked like a pink-y, yellow-y blob.  So...Off to shower, paint my nails before round 3 of my haul attempt...


Friday, 22 February 2013

Turtle Neck Bandwagon

Crop top - Internacionale, Skirt, rings, boots, faux fur - H&M, Belt - Primark, Leather Jacket - Motel

Today I bought this pretty little crop after I jumped onto the turtle neck crop top band wagon.  I've wanted one for ages, but never got around to buying one!  Today I did after my search for simple tees and in my disappointment  I bought this.  Thus, satisfying myself again.  I'm slightly annoyed now though, as its so so see through!  Should have just spent an extra few £££ and gone to Toppers!  Oh well.

Pretty simple outfit really.  I wanted to highlight my lovely new boots which I also got today for tha bargain price of £25.  I couldn't resist!  Especially after wanting a pair like them forever!  I was coveting chelsea boots in a similar style, but after having no luck I decided to just buy these babies instead.  I'm a happy chicka!  Definitely on the way to satisfying my need for new things, but let's wait until I get paid before I go all out.  Woo!

Once again, I apologise for the poor pictures.  As soon as it starts to warm up, I'll get them taken somewhere much nicer than my bedroom.  It's beginning to wind me up how crap they look.  Think I need to invest in a tripos to thoroughly crush this issue.  Anyway.

I'll have a mini haul up tomorrow; literally mini, mini.  So yeah.

Good night, I'm off to read Beautiful Creatures in the desperate hope that the book is better than the film.  Or good day...depending when you're reading this.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Valentine's Antics & Short Life Ramble

I'm late with my Valentine's post, but I've been major busy this week so I'll leave my excuses to the minimum of that extent.  For V day, I cooked Lewis and myself dinner then we just chilled out.  I won't elaborate, you can see it all from the pictures!

home made by me - chicken, bacon and pea risotto!

Yummy gooey in the middle chocolate puddings

My lovely gifts!

Lewis' grumpy pose

slight out of focus...

on to my outfit!

Dress - UO, Belt & Blazer - Primark, Shoes & necklace - Primark

A very lovely evening!  Although looking back I have no idea why I wore that, because I look absolutely terriblly rough!  I haven't the faintest why I didn't bother doing my hair nicer or sorting out my make up...  Ugh, forever unsatisfied.  Anyway...

I'm feeling truly dissapointed with my style recently.  It's getting more and more boring and same-y.  I need to go on a major shop, I think.  My style is crying out for some major exciting key pieces; namely some accessories and a few stunning pieces that aren't too ordinary.  I don't want to be stuck in a rut of boring clothes!  If you know where I can get some super cool pieces, let me know. 
Especially since I've been reading through every single blogger's LFW posts, I've been feeling like an outsider.  Trust me, I tried to go to LFW but apparently my blog is not good enough at this point.  Lets try next season, eh?  Going to have fashtastic updates and replacements everywhere.  
Okay.  I hope you're looking forward to it.

P.S I've had a haircut...When I asked for it to be cut bluntly and straight on the ends...I got 3 inches off.  I am certainly not happy, reversing all the efforts that it took me over the last year of growing it to the length it was but, I'll just have to rock it in a slightly different way.  Sure I can do it.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

OOTD 13.2.13

Blazer, belt - Primark/Jeans, Tee - Topshop/Necklace - H&M/Shoes - YesWalker

I love the simplicity of this outfit and I'm still really into monochrome.  It's definitely going to be one of my favourite trends for spring...but I'll have to inject some colour into my wardrobe somewhere.  Mind you, I'm pretty comfortable in my black and white style recently...need to 'spice' things up!

I've filmed a haul & an OOTD of this, so they should both be up soon.  But for the moment, I need to go and do things.  So, enjoy!


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Itty Bitty Haul & OOTN Video

These are my recent purchases over the last week or so, so I thought I'd share them with you!  Even though I'm currently saving up a bit of money to go for a big shop in the half term, so there isn't a lot.  Still thought it would be good to get this up though, so enjoy!

As featured in my last post...The Lacey Jeans!  Who else is in love?  I am.  Very deeply.  
They're so gorgeous, they're just the perfect mixture of slouchy boyfriend and nice fitting so that I don't look like a huge fatso.  
May I just note that all this week, whilst I've cut most of the crap out of my diet, I have significantly slimmed (or so I have noticed - no one else has, but whatever!) so these jeans are already a few inches too big... But still wearable nontheless.
Anyway, yes, they're fabulous.

The clutch is from Primark (£2!).  I wasn't in search of a clutch at all, I just walked past and saw that it was only 2 pounds and felt I would not miss out on the little cutie.  Infact, I was in search of the belt (also only £2) but as I was sort of rushing, I managed to pick it up in a M/L instead of S/M which is majorly frustrating so I've made a hip hole but not yet a waist one.  To be honest, I was expecting it to look great with loads of things, but in reality it doesn't look so good on me.  I think it might be my short legs...I don't really know.

As for the little beauty pieces, they're all from Fragrance Direct, except the moisturiser.  Incase you haven't heard of Fragrance Direct, its basically a super cheap beauty site and in total my purchase of Bourjois foundation and concealer, a brush and Essie nail polish came to £10 including P&P.  How bloody good?! 
   Unfortunately there is a really limited amount of shades so I was lucky that the foundation and concealer actually matched to me as there was literally about 4 shades to pick from, I just chose the lightest.  The Essie polish only had about 6 options to choose from which was gutting but I love the pink colour!  It's just SO cute.  Then we come to the brush.  I was expecting the brush to be a mini but not as mini as it is!  I was a little dissapointed but for one pound something I didn't really mind.
Then the moisturiser!  So it's Olay Essential Beauty Fluid.  The box claimed to make my skin utterly beautiful and soft and lovely and I think it's aimed at an older age group to myself but I still am really liking it!  I usually go for a different Olay one, but I'm glad I went for this one instead!

Okay, so this was longer than I expected it to be.  Next time I do a haul, I'll either make a video or I'll just take individual pictures and write small captions.  Anyway, hope you like what I bought!  Have you bought anything you're particularly happy with recently?

Oh and I also filmed an OOTN recently so here it is:

Friday, 1 February 2013

Beautiful Jeans

Jeans/Topshop, Jumper & Necklace/H&M, Jacket/Motel Rocks, Bag/Primark, Shoes/YesWalker

Day hello to my new beautiful jeans!  These babies are the Topshop Lacey jeans and I'm in love!  After my mum rudely got rid of my old boyfriend jeans, she kindly replaced them as a reward for saving up some money (after all, I'm terrible at it) and for just general reward for working so hard at school and what not.  Thank you, Mummy!
I've got so many outfits in mind and I can't wait to continue to style them up.  I was desperate to wear it with my graphic black and white tee from my last post, but I didn't want to over-wear it.  Rest assured, I'm sure you'll see it in a few weeks.  I'm also quite suprised with myself I haven't get posted my leather trousers and the tee as its been a go to outfit for me!  But, I'm sure that will also be up soon.

So, I've had this jumper for atleast a year, but I hardly ever wear it!  I think I will feels very glamorous, I'm liking that little sparkle it gives the outfit.  Oh and that clutch!  I bought it today in town and it was £2 in Primark, how good?!  Couldn't resist.  Also got the coolest peplum jacket, that I may wear to a party tomorrow & a belt.  I'll do a haul soon!

Oh and I've finished my exams for a month or so, yay!  This meaning lots more blog posts, so,look out for them.

Lots of love