Monday, 28 January 2013

You're Giving all Your Cinnamon Away

Everything Topshop except shoes/YesWalker/Earrings/New Look

Today's outfit came out on camera a lot worse that it looked in person.  In real life, I love it, but in image form it doesn't look too great. Nonetheless!  You may have noticed I am wearing black cigarrette trousers.  Before you think it, I shall say it; yes I do wear these to school a lot.  But who cares?  They're a key trend for SS so why not embrace them as an important part of my wardrobe?  I finish school in June anyway, then they're all mine to wear for any occasion.  Horrah.

I've got to go and get on with the last of my textiles coursework now, but before I do I have an announcement!  I made a tumblr!  It goes with the new theme of my blog - crystallised fashion.
I hope you all like it, I'm really enjoying all the inspiring pictures, they're so pretty.  I only really have it for that, I don't want to get involved with all the strange things that go on that website, I'm there for the pretty pictures only!  So, I won't be using it on a personal basis and writing updates about myself - that's why I have Twitter!  But if you do want to ask me things and whatever, you can do so on there as I'll make sure to answer.  I always make sure I check out people who follow me on there (like I do on Twitter) and follow back people's blogs that I like so, yeah.  Anyhow, enjoy.  

P.S  Does anyone know where I can buy magazines like LOVE or i-D in the UK?  From shops preferably!  Any other cool magazines that aren't in every corner shop.  Or like must read fashion books.  Let me know please!

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Today I made a scrunchie in the essence of Ashish SS13 and I'm just in love.  So cute.  I got the tutorial from Company's Febuary issue, so go and get it, it's fabulous this month.

But on a less childhood reminiscent note, you may have noticed some changes to my blog.  I'm not longer A British Muse!  I'm not Crystallised Fashion, as you can see from the header, URL etc.
    Ever since I began my blog I was worried A British Muse sounded vain and odd.  I never meant that I was a British Muse, I meant it in the way that this blog was all my musings...nontheless, times have no changed!  I went for Crystallised Fashion because metaphorically fashion is this huge web of 1000's of different things all under one title and so blogging is one large facet of such diamond/crystal and I am a very small facet of such diamond; therefore I went for crystallised fashion.  Ta Da!  Opinions?

I also got my fantastic friend Paige to do some illustrations of me for my header and I love how they turned out!
(this is she)

Paige's blog is just great and she deserves more followers.  She post hauls, OOTDs, inspiration and all sorts!  I definitely reccomend her blog.  You can also follow her on tumblr and twitter.  She's fab!

lots of love x

Friday, 25 January 2013

Apologies for my absence - Here's Free Delivery on orders £15 at Dixi AND New Dixi Preview!

I hope you're all mega excited to be reading this.  
Dixi has loads of new beautiful jewellery for us all! Hola!  Of course there are also a few stunning clothes for us too, just to tie it all together with a big pink bow on this pretty little new season treat.
Fortunately for you (and me) , Dixi sent me a preview of their new collection.  How hot is it?!  Very.  Maybe hot is a less sophisticated term, but just look!  Gorgeous.  I personally am totally loving the red stones; totally mysterious and delicious.  I am in love with the simplicity of the red stone'd rings as well - plain bands with an interesting key piece are always my favourites when it comes to jewellery.

Unfortunately, we'll all have to wait until Sunday (that's the 27th of January - around 10 am to be precise) to get our hands on these pretty little pieces.  Now, I know the 10 am thing may be a bit of a dilemma...not being able to sleep all of saturday night as you're dreaming of the pieces and how they'd look styled up with you...but I'm afraid it's going to have to be dealt with.
Although, I can give you a slight relief to your jewel-lust.  FREE DELIVERY WHEN YOU SPEND OVER £15!  Yay!  Make sure to take advantage of this offer whilst it lasts, it's valid from 27th January - 3rd February.  Go shop now (I mean Sunday...)

All the gleaming jewels you see above are one off's so that you, my darling readers, are one of a kind when you wear them.  You can thank Dixi.  Obviously when the collection arrive you will be thrilled to see all sorts of other beauties so set your alarm for Sunday morning (if you can even sleep!) 10 am and get your hands on Dixi gold dust (metaphorical...I don't think they sell gold dust... Just gold jewellery) before it's gone.

Dixi often had loads of fabulous promo's on their website and tons of offers on their brilliant jewellery.  If you're anything like me, you'll love it.  Even if you're not, you'll love Dixi.  So make sure to check out their website and like their facebook page.  Most importantly go shop the new collection on Sunday from 10 am!

Love to you all 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

blazer-ing & 400 subscribers!

Blazer/River Island//Tshirt/Topshop//skirt/Made by Me//Socks/Topshop//Shoes/YesWalker//Bag/Primark//Bracelet/Primark//Necklace/H&M

Hello lovelies.  I'm not so in love with today's outfit as I have been with other recent ones.  Mind you, I much prefer it in real life than in these photos.  I don't like today's photos but its too late to re-take them now.  The entire outfit looks 10 times better blazer-less but the pictures were not pretty, so you'll just see me blazer-ing up the blog today.  
Today was another rather uninteresting day.  In fact most days of my life are pretty boring, the only thing that makes them less boring is dressing up in something I think is fun and prancing around in it all day, even if, quite frankly, it might look silly.  Like these shoes.  I love them but I just keep falling over.  Major sad times.
As I was saying; in my rather boring life, today I sent my CV to a (very) local cafe as they are in need of a Saturday person, so fingers crossed I get a job because that would just be amazing!  Job = money which means more amazing clothes to blog about!  It also means savings towards my Macbook meaning fabulous blog posts & videos!
Also, I've been feeling really inspired to go running at random times.  Like right now (10.12pm).  I can't go right now which is just frustrating but when it get to the morning when I would go, I have lost all my motivation.  Grr.  You guys, please help me out and send me inspiring ways to get fit and thin for summer/life.   I just want to be super fit.  Sad :-(.  Maybe it's just the post-Christmas January blues.  Nonetheless!
Oh, and I hit 400 subscribers on YouTube!  I'm so happy thank you to all of you amazing people that have subscribed and leave me feedback, it means so much to have you all supporting me.  So thank you!  The link to my YouTube channel is in my description on the right hand side of the blog (->)

I had something else to say but I've forgotten.  Hope you all have a fab day!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Ripped Trousers

Jumper/Vintage//Trousers/Topshop//Bag/Primark//Shoes/YesWalker//Faux Fur Stole/H&M//Chain Necklace/H&M//Lipstick/Topshop in Inhibition//

My day has consisted of maths and science revision, watching Austin Powers and falling over in the street.  Whilst falling over in the street, my beautiful pleather trousers ripped.  Sad sad times, but no worries and I fixed them with my sewing machine *party*.  Outfit photos were made possible!

Short post today as I'm off to do lots of Rarity work!  Love you guys.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Elle, The Stones and Velvet Distractions

Skirt/Made by Me//Shirt/Topshop//Jumper/New Look//Socks/Topshop/Shoes/YesWalker//Bag/Primark//Necklace/H&M

Today I made another skirt and this was the first thing I put together with it.  I liked it so didn't change, just tried to make it even more me with the accessories and shoes.  Like I said, I made the skirt this morning out of the crushed velvet I spoke about a few days ago.  It was pretty easy actually but the velvet is very thin so next time I might invest in the proper stuff.  I made it to be a midi length originally but I really like that it turned out so versatile  I can roll it up and it be normal length, pull it down and it be really long or if I really wanted I could pull it really high up and make a strap-less very short dress...mind you I probably won't be doing that one.  I've wanted something velvet in my wardrobe for ages and I didn't realise until now I have nothing bar a pair of leggings.  So yay!
I think I'm going to have so many outfits to wear with this skirt, whether I dress it up or down, so I'm in love!  Especially considering the ridiculously cheap cost at which it came to for such a key piece for the next few months.
I was going for a comfy, toned down, relaxed vibe but I still wanted to look suitable for any sort of occasion that might come my way.  If I was to go less dress-y (not that I think this is, but some people might do), I would change the flatforms and put on some boots or loafers and pull up the skirt to a more normal, just above knee length and maybe take off the shirt.  But yeah.

I'm in love with the shoes too!  They're from YesWalker, but I'm going to do a post on these very soon so I won't talk too much about them.  Obviously peep toes should go sock-less but in my opinion as a 15 year old, I can do what I like.  Besides from double denim (unless its in) and the other crucial fash rules.
I hope you don't mind the off-colours in the photos either, I tried to edit them all the same but strange lighting in each one made it impossible to make them all look the same!  So annoying.  But as you can see, I went a little far with the editing today as I'm doing everything possible to avoid revision.  Ugh, really should go and revise...Oh well!  I've also noticed that there's always random bits of crap in my room...Like the calculator on the floor by my shoe picture, the random gold thing under my bed... I'll have to start tidying up.

Oh and my Elle magazine has just come through the door...More distractions.  And my mum gave me The Stones 'Grr' album today.  I just want to sit and listen to it in a dreamlike state all day long.  Ok, wish me luck revising.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Turtle Neck, Leather and Rose Gold

(excuse grumpy face! Also excuse the wonky faux fur below)

Top/Topshop//Leather Trousers/Topshop//Coat/New Look//Faux Fur Stole/H&M//Bag/Primark//Platform Shoes/River Island//Socks/Topshop//Necklace/H&M//Lipstick by Topshop in Inhibition//Nail Polish/Barry M in Red Black//Ring/Topshop

If we excuse my grumpy face and really wonky faux fur, I really loved wearing this outfit.  It feels to me like it didn't photograph as well as I might have liked.  I felt really confident in this outfit, it made me feel like myself wearing something I absoltuley love.  I love wearing outfits and every single piece you wear, you are in love with.  Especially when it all goes together.  It's like a happy little fashion marriage for the day.

Most of what I'm wearing is all in my Christmas haul which should be up very soon (went to upload it and I realised I hadn't saved it properly and now it's just sorting itself out... Hopefully be up tomorrow or the day after).
All the photos are taken in my boyfriend's dining room/his 'chill out' space, as he is 17 and shares his bedroom with his 7 year old brother, so he get's half of the dining room for him to basically live in.  Hence the guitars (he's a very very good musician, if I say so myself) and also the dining room chair peeking into the photo.  Also, apologies for the lighting.  Having a rather bad issue aren't I!

So today I went shopping (again) and just got a few jewellery bits, picked up some shoes from the post office (post be up in the next few days) and watched some films with Lewis (boyfriend).  Rather lovely day!  I didn't aim to dress up, I wanted to be quite relaxed and comfy but still in my own style and make it a little cooler with the trousers.  Mainly, I got the trousers a few days ago and haven't had the chance to wear them yet and I've just been itching to, so!

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year my lovelies!
Really quick post to say I hope you all had a fantastic evening doing whatever you did.
I don't like what I wore and I chose it in about 10 minutes flat as I was late and super rushed.  Sad times.  Nontheless 2013 is going to be a brilliantly dressed year for me (or as I hope)

So my resolutions!  I don't usually bother and if I do I don't stick to them but I'm going to try this year as things need to change.
- be more organised.  With everything.  Do list/plan out when I need to revise or do work & Rarity stuff.  This includes organising and planning outfits before going out so that I look decent...
- Dress better.  Put more effort in everyday, not just when I can be bothered
- Do more fashion-y things.  I want to be in the industry so I need to push myself into work experience, more blogging and every opportunity I get (and go to LFW!).
- To make Rarity fantastic
- Be a tad healthier (we all know this one needs to be thrown in!)
- Majorly focus on things - blogging, Youtube, Rarity.  Expect better blogging this year!

What are yours?  I've been generous and given myself lots.  Let hope we can all keep them!