Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lana Del Rey

What I'm wearing: Shirt (underneath) - H&M, metallic t-shirt - H&M, trousers - H&M, blazer - New Look, shoes - Topshop, gold cuff - H&M, spikey necklace - bracelet from Topshop on a chain, watch - my nans.

I've finally finished going through all the revision for my maths exam tomorrow afternoon, phew!  I have 2 small topics I'm worried I'm no good at but I'm planning on going in early tomorrow to have a quick pre-exam lesson before school starts along with an actually maths lesson before lunch.  Phew!  I have a very very chilled out teacher all morning up until my maths lesson so she'll probably give us on period to revise.  Love her!
As soon as I get in tomorrow I'm heading off to the gym then I'm starting my chemistry & physics revision.  Urgh!  But as I'm going to spread it out more than my maths I'm going to not be in the house three days on the trot cramming my brain with mush.  Phew again.  
Lana Del Rey has been my morbid godsend the last few days her voice just makes me go into a lull of concentration and relaxation.  I don't know I just love Lana Del Ray!  Since I saw her on the Mulberry front row for a/w 12 she has just been even cooler in my mind.  

I decided to go pretty much make up-less today except a little eyebrow-age.  I kinda like it!  More summery and fresh... Not to mention how very different considering that I have worn winged eyeliner most days of the last year/two years.  Yay, skin breather!

Okay, okay.  I have a video from yesterday's outfit that I think I might be posting soon if I get around to editting, I hope I can!  Don't you think it's funny that I'm super up to date with my blogging and videos when I have a rush of exams! Haha!  I guess it's something to give me a break, you can't cram for 3 days in a row without a break, can you!?  Well, I can't.

Back to my outfit!  I actually really really liked my outfit today.  Mix of overdressed casual-ness.  I love how the metallic t-shit mixes it all up to; contrasting ever so nicely with the trousers! Yay.  Despite the fact I only went to see some friends and chilled out all day (after revision may I stress)...That doesn't matter.  

I'm planning to have a relaxing Lana filled early night so I'm off to go shower, read a book, listen to Lana and smell my shirt as it smells of my boyfriends a m a z i n g Burberry aftershave. Mmmmmmmm.

Lots of love xxxxxxx

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