Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review #1: Front Row: Rough and Tousled Salt Spray

Front Row - Rough and Tousled Salt Spray

First off, I want to say that my hair is very thick and course and so it's pretty dry a lot and because I use heat on it aswell, it's not the best of conditioned hair a girl could have!  My hair is also really quite short as you will have probably seen in my other posts, if you have been reading my blog!  In addition to this information, if you like to call it that, this product may work differently in your hair, but this is just my opinion of the effect it has on mine.  But if your hair is similar to mine, it will probably do the same thing.

Despite the claims 'texturised volume & waves' I found no particular added wave to my hair then normal (my natural wavy/curlyish hair doesn't change my opinion).  I originally picked up the product because I thought it would give my hair lovely beachy waves, rather than frizzy half curls (a lot of the time I use heat on my hair, I don't think there any pictures of my natural hair as it is at the moment on this blog).  But it didn't really make an effect on my hair other then leave it feeling dirty and whenever I touched it, little white flakes fell down, a bit like dust...Not great when I'm sat in school and I'm malting; what to other people appears to be dandruff or other icky things!  But yes, this product failed to make me go 'wow' or anything of the like.
    When my hair was straight and I put it onto my dry hair, it was a little like using a hair wax to make it more volumized - so I'll be fair and say it did give me hair slightly more volume (when straight) but when my hair was left naturally it really did not make a lot of difference and a waxed volumy look was not at all what I wanted.  Although, I've heard good things about Front Row's shine mist or whatever it's called so I may try that, but other than that, I didn't feel it did anything special.

I tried to use it on my friend's hair as she has quite the opposite hair to me (long, soft, normal thickness/thinness, perfect conditioned) and it did evidentally make a slight wave in one side of her hair, after I spritzed away at it for about five whole minutes, although the other side I probably only spritzed for three and that side looked normal - possible a tiny tousled, but nothing noticable particularly - so I guess you could maybe try it on your hair to see what effect it has, but the friend I tried it on said she thought it was crappy (me too really, but I don't want to be too critical).

I don't have any pictures with the product, as I forgot, I have one when I have straight hair with it in, but I was out for a meal and we're stood outside and really you can not see a thing so you guys will have to go picture-less!  Next review's up tomorrow!
Meg x

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

OOTD 28/2/12

I filmed a short OOTD, hope you enjoy it!

I am trying to think of blog/video ideas and these are a few I have had:

  • Basic make up & items a teen/younger women need (I'm aiming at teen because I am one myself, but if you're a little older I'm guessing it is probably similar)
  • A spring lookbook (this one will have to wait a few weeks because 1. I will need a week or so to get some outfits together 2. It needs to warm up slightly so I can film in the garden 3. for my garden to be cleaned up (we have to cover up a lot of it in the winter) 4. for my top film friend to come and help me because she is busy a lot at the moment and I can't afford a camera stand holding up thingy (omg can't remember what it's called, sorry!!) )
  • Friend's outfits - none of my friends have a blog (one has a tumblr, but that doesn't really count in my mind, no offence Lau!) so I thought if I think ony of my friends look really cool, I'll film them and get them to talk me through it.
  • a DIY.  Of what?  I don't know yet, you tell me in the comments!  I have made a tie-dye tshirt before which I could do but it will be ages before I can film that, so ideas would be appreciated. 
  • Films & books that inspired a look/style of something I wore.
  • Personal ventures - things i've done over the weekend?  What I wore that day and why along with silliness with my friends, I suppose.

Give me more ideas, PLEASE!  I'll take a look at your blog and give you some ideas too, if you're a begginer like I am!  

Thank you guys if you do decide to help me out and those review are being posted TOMORROW!
Megan x

Monday, 27 February 2012

Hello Pretties!

Just a quick update for today, because I know I have been a bit lacking recently and as a new blogger this is not a very good starting point as I want my blog to be consistent!  I do have my reviews coming up and I know I said I would do them today, but I just haven't got around to it!  I'm sorry!  I can hopefully get them written maybe tonight and posted by tomorrow, but I will most likely write & post them tomorrow.  So come back and have a read!  Just as a reminder, I'm reviewing Front Row - Salt Spray, Andrew Barton - Gloss Boss and Umberto Gianni - Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm.  

I finished the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins yesterday afternoon, am well into the second book and am speedily thinking of what to type whilst trying to catch up with Lewis who I have not seen in a while on Facebook and all the while wanting to do nothing but read (guilty as charged).  But I admit I am enjoy talking to Lewis and writing this, so all is fair! 
    I looooove the Hunger Games though, I seriously reccomend them, they aren't normally the type of book I'd go for (I'm more a a Twilight girl myself - cringe) but I've found myself not being able to put these books down...  Unsuprisingly I can't wait for the movie, the actress playing Katniss looks just as I imagine, but I in  my head she was a stick - due to starvation and what not, maybe a slightly more defined face.  But I can't say I think Peeta or Gale look how imagine.  Oh, well!

Sorry there are no pictures, I was going to post one of the Hunger Games cast or something but I got carried away and left this post un posted for like half an hour because I was too engulfed in looking at disappointing pictures of the cast (no offence movie makers, but Gale DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THAT!)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tiny haul & little bit of an update

I really liked all of these products I purchased yesterday, watch the video and let me know what you think!
The only thing I really don't like is the powder brush by 17.  I used it this morning and I found it was really difficult to pick up any product and then it wasn't very good at blending particularly either!  I really am liking the Natural Collection blush in Pink Cloud, it gave my skin a lovely fresh glow which is what I was looking for and was just perfect for only £1.99!
The lipstick has a lovely satin finish and it feels so nice and very moisturising (feels like I have lip balm on!) but its not very pigmented (in the swatch I had to go over it a few times for it to be visible) which is a shame, but like I said in the video, it was only £1 so, not too bad! And the hand cream is lush!  It makes my hands feel so lovely and soft and they feel moisturised all day! I also got some toner from Boots, I used it last night and its okay, nothing particularly special, but I got Boot's Essentials range and it was about £1.50 or something so again, I'm not going to complain it did take off all my make up properly and it made my face feel a lot cleaner!  So yeah, can't go wrong really...!
I also got the Vaseline Essential moisture Cocoa Radiant lotion, because it was pretty cheap and I was planning to get the Palmer's Cocoa butter because I lurve it, but this product seems just as good! Not quite as thick, but I don't mind that because it sinks into my skin a lot quicker which is nice as it's getting a little warmer and I don't want to feel slimy all day long in my jeans/tight/short/whatever I'm wearing!! Plus, it did feel like it was doing some good as my skin is pretty dry on my legs and I could feel it working which is great because in a month or so time hopefully it will be warm enough to flash the flesh!

I'm running a little late on my reviews that I said I would do a couple of weeks ago, but they will come!  I have a little bit of homework which I need to finish today and I am on the last chapter of the Hunger Games and I'm so excited to read it!! Can't wait for the film!  I will probably talk more about it in the next post, guys sorry!  So, yes.  Homework today, reviews tomorrow!

Have a great day everyone!
Meg! xx

Monday, 20 February 2012

crazy on you

Major girl crush on Tavi Gevinson the last couple of days, I've also been constantly checking up at Rookie recently too, which is kind of ironic as their current theme is 'Obsession'.  Looking through her blog and Rookie, it has really inspired me to dress in whatever I wish...not what fashion say I should, even though Tavi is very fashion orientated in her own way.  I used to dress more in of an independant way, without consistantly looking through fashion mags and spending hours online looking at blogs, which is basically 60% of what I spend my time doing as of recent times. Not that I feel there is anything wrong with that, but I would love to be able to dress head to toe in vintage and set trends for 100's on teenage girls and to be such a huge inspiration as Tavi is. Forgetting clothes and style for a couple of seconds, I can't get out of my head that she started blogging at 11!  I think, as she's 15 now that she's a real inspiration to young girls (such as myself) to be conifident with blogging and not feel silly for doing so at such a young age, even though I know that's what a lot of people think.  I watched an interview with her and she was speaking about when she first went to Fashion Week and she said  "They were talking about how inappropriate it was for someone of my age to go to Fashion Week, she remembers, but this was coming from an industry that fetishes youth." Which I honeslty can not agree more with.  I think this is one of the reasons many girls my age don't start real blogs. (I'm not talking about Tumblr 'blogs'...That's an entirely different post all in itself...) 

Not only has she opened my eyes on the blogging industry for youngsters, she also opened my eyes to the band Heart.  Which I can honestly say to you, I haven't stopped listening to since I saw this post on Style Rookie, yesterday.  I don't know why I haven't searched them before... I found them on Spotify after watching Crazy On You on YouTube then realised Alone was by them too!  Of course, this, I recognised! (I didn't start singing at the top of my voice and dancing at this point either...)

Not to mention her little diary things, now they inspire me and my 'artistic side'!

Let's just say she is my MEGA girl crush of the moment.

I found this picture somewhere a couple of days ago (can't remember where from, opps) and I remember it saying that is was a sort of peaceful protest (?) about how much the designers pay to get a show.  I believe this woman among other models and the designer where protesting outside a show...somthing like that.  But the picture just wanted me to be in a slightly nicer and pastelly version of Alice in Wonderland.  Idk, just the colours and the hair made me want to imaging a pantomime but then it wanted me to be head to toe in crochet hippie clothing...don't even ask.

Whilst I'm still on a Chung lovin' high the last month, The Del Rey is taking over another chunk of my mind that is soulfully devoted to girl crushes.  Her beautiful soft curls that I just can not recreate on my own hair (probably due to the lack of it) and that (usual) browny ginger colour are just ___________ (insert word).

I can't think of anything else right now, other than the face mask I'm about to put on, the ugliness of my skin right now, the crop fring that I want (that I might just cut in in a moment) and the idea of the horrific headache that I have right now.

hope you've had a great day x

Sunday, 19 February 2012

February Wishlist

Blue 'canvas boat shoes' (I would have just called them deckers) - Topshop
Gold Flatforms - Topshop
Wooden Flatforms - Topshop
Heart Print Cut Out Should Crop Top - River Island
Colour Block Shorts - River Island
Pastel Blue Fluid Shorts - Topshop
Tropical Print Jeans - River Island
Leather Holdall - Topshop
Pink Pearl Collar Jacket - River Island
Pink Shift Dress - Topshop
Tropical Bralet - River Island
Peach Clutch Bag - Topshop
Sweatshirt - Topshop
Boyfriend Coat - Topshop
Print Tee Shirt Dress - River Island

Put together a february wishlist, don't you just love the colours? Mmmm. 
I also uploaded a video: Nicole Farhi inspired s/s12 make up look.

Please leave your feedback, guys! Thanks!

Meg x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Upcoming posts

I thought I would do a quick post today for you guys about what posts I'm planning on writing for you! I've got a couple of reviews for you, a make up tutorial and some OOTDs!

I'm going to be reviewing the above products: Front Row - Salt Spray, Andrew Barton - Gloss Boss & Umberto Gianni - Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm.  I have used all of these products and so far they have not made a lot of difference.  So I'm going to use them over a four day period and see the result.

The make up tutorial will be an Audrey Hepburn inspired look in Breakfast at Tiffany's and I'm going to do a seven day OOTD filming and put it all together for you next friday.  

Hope you're looking forward to it!  I'll also probably do a spring wishlist if I get round to it!

Meg xx

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

POTP, mini haul & v day chatter

Hello lovelies!
How is everyone?  Well I hope!  This is going to be a bit of a lengthier post as I have a POTP (picture of the post) I'm introducing this to my blog as a photograph of myself that goes with the my post. I don't think it will be with every post but certainly at least one post per week, more likely to be two or three but I will number them all so you don't get confused.  I thought it would be a cool way of seeing how often I change over the next few months!  You guys can do it too - comment leaving your blog link and I will check out your POTP!

Picture of the Post - #1 
So yes, a little weird pose for you here, but I got my fringe trimmed so I look human again, yay!

So, onto the good bits!  I hope everyone had a fab V day, whatever you did. I thought I would do a mini haul for you guys as I've purchased/been given some bits over the last few days that I am really happy with and I am not in the mood to film at the moment and I also didn't think I had quite enough stuff!
Right, so I got these beautiful babies.  Topshop Jamie jeans (I never really thought there was much difference between the Jamie and the Leigh jeans but after wearing both of them, I can tell now that the Jamie jeans are so much thicker and probably have a much higher denim content as well as the waistline obviously compared to my Leighs which are incredibly thin in comparison - still love them though!)  You may not be able to see in the picutre too clearly but they're neon pink but they've got an acid wash affect on them and they are just lovely. THANK YOU MUMMA

Next up is this basic colour striped tshirt from River Island.  it was only a tenner so I thought it was pretty reasonable for River Island and treated myself, as mum didn't want to buy me anything after my jeans (haha).  But I really like this tshirt, its just so simple and easy to throw over anything whilst still keeping very S/S12 with the ice cream colours.

I got this tee on sunday also from Topshop and again it was £10 and simple enough to be a basic of my spring summer wardrobe.  It's super comfy and the colour is really cute, the only thing I don't like about it is that it's not as long as I'd like it to be.  I mean, obviously it's not a crop top, so there isn't anything showing but it would look lovely with the leggings below if it was a smidge longer.

These beauties were my Valentine's gift from Lewis and I love love love them!  They are so comfy to just throw on with a bright tee or a shirt and just go, rather then faff for ages over what to wear.  They look so chic yet effortless (call me a hypocrite, but I did take my time looking through my wardrobe looking for something to go with them, but them I just found some tshirts and just realised the 'shabby chic' potential they have!) 

So for Valentine's I went to the cinema with my lovely boyfriend, Lewis, to see The Woman In Black and I pooped myself!  I was hiding in his shoulder 60% of the time, but putting my irrational fear or all scary movies aside (I'm rubbish with scary movies, I get scared at anything), it was a fantastic film.  It had such a good storyline and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it - whilst still hiding behind my coat and squeezing Lewis' hand a little bit too tight for a lot of the movie.  And Daniel Radcliff's character's son was soo cute!  I haven't read the book, but I've been told it quite different and that this movie version has been made a lot scarier and with less of the background story in, but nonetheless I enjoyed it!

I filmed The Boyfriend Tag with Lewis as I thought it was pretty suitable considering it was Valentine's day and everything but I don't think I'm going to upload it because it's too long and we're just sat there giggling and Lewis kept swearing so I might give that one a miss for a little while.
V day snuggles & picture from the iPad!

Please can you leave me some video requests?  Oh, and the Audrey Hepburn inspired look is coming soon!  I haven't forgotten, I promised it and it will come!  I just need to get around to filming it again, I'm thinking maybe sunday morning I might film it, because on sundays I normally just chill at home and do homework and stuff as everyone I know has other things to do (seeing family & dancing and things like that!)

Thank you for reading, if you've got this far!
Lots of love Meg x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

OOTD 12/2/12

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's day! I'll take some pictures later to show you what I'm doing today, I think I'm going to the cinema, not sure yet!  What are you guys up to?

Meg xx

Monday, 13 February 2012

Big Skincare Mystery

Big Skincare Mystery

I tried this out with a small sachet from a glamour magazine, once in the morning and once in the evening as a cleanser and the next day all my spots had gone down a considerable amount and I am also about to try it as a face mask as soon as I've written this post so I'm very excited to see the results as I've heard so many great things.

Meg x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

January Inspiration (Late)

Fashion Toast

This was my January inspiration (sorry I've only just got it all together I've been being extremely lazy recently!)  As you have probably noticed, I've been having a very Alexa Chung inspired month.  I just love her style, she's so cool, everything she wears looks effortlessly put together and chic!  The picture of her and Alex Turner I put in because I loove Arctic Monkeys and Alexa obviously and I just think it's a shame they broke up last summer.  Oh, and how beautiful does the 5th picture look?! I love it, the nose ring makes it just look amazing in my opinion!
I have put links on all the images so you know where I got them from, but some I could not remember so if anyone sees their image on here, please email me and I will quickly put in your credit!  Disclaimer: I do not own any of the above images in this post.  

So, who's looking forward to Valentine's Day?! I am! (my boyfriend still hasn't got me a pressie though...but he's taking my shopping tomorrow! Woo!)
Meg xx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

OOTD 7/2/12

Jumper - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Black Loafers - Topshop