Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm a poo

Hello my beauties!  
I'm sorry for this but I'm going to be taking an absense from the blog! :-(  Saying that, this weekend and a few days next week I will hopefully be able to post, but I have a chemistry exam friday, a physics exam wednesday, french speaking the following week along with an english mock thrown in some time (Not sure when, we haven't been told) and a textiles mock.  So for my chemistry, physics & french I need to be revising as much as possible and so I think I should be focussing more on that right now and catch up on my blog later on.  But like I said, that should be in a few days I can get something up but I just wanted you lovely people to know so that you don't think I'm just a giant poo.  God, what am I going to be like next year in year 11...I'll be stressed out to the max!  I'll never get round to anything!  Or I will and I just won't do revision....Ekk!  Okay, I seriously need to go do chemistry now.  Good luck to anyone with exams, wish you all the best.


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