Friday, 5 April 2013

Chunky Knit, Checks and a Pretty Handbag

Shirt - UO Vintage Renewal via Ebay
Cardigan - Vintage
Jeans - Topshop Leigh
Shoes - YesWalker
Bag - Vintage
Watch - Asos
Chain Necklace - H&M
(sorry for the even worse quality then normal, I still need to get new batteries for my normal camera)

Hello lovelies.  I absolutely love what I'm wearing today it's a mix of all my recent purchases and I just love it to pieces.  It's really vibing what I want to dress like right now, although I do wish it was more summer so I could wear this with Levi's or a skirt...  Although, my hair and make up on the other hand, is not at all what I would like to be going for, therefore I've cropped it out in almost all of the photos.  You'll have to excuse me! 

I bought this beautiful cardigan for £3 in a vintage/charity shop (I couldn't quite work out which it was!). I  spotted it just as I was leaving so it felt like fate... A dream come true after me searching for the perfect beautiful white knit cardigan for ever.  At last.  It's a similar story for the bag too, me and a friend were pouring through a Sue Ryder charity shop and she found it for me and I was well and truly made up.  It's so so gorgeous, it goes with literally everything.  It's so simple and yet so pretty, cute and sophisticated.  In love. 

Today was a lovely day.  I went to see The Host this morning with my mum and was very pleased!   I was expecting it to be 100 times different to the book, like movies usually are.  But as Stephenie Meyer's book adapted movie's go, they don't get messed with too much.  Probably due to the millions of teenage girls (myself included) that would throw major hissy fits if it got changed.  Can you imagine the impact of millions of stroppy, hormonal teenagers hissy-fitting at the same time...?  Obviously not all are stroppy and hormonal, but I'm just generalising here.
After the film, we went for lunch at Jamie's which was so lovely.  I love that Jamie's does smaller portions for pasta and stuff, perfect size for lunch time!  Apart from that and my successful shopping trip, my half term has just been me working and sleeping.  What have you guys been up to?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


- Motel
Tee - Primark
Shorts - Levi's
Shoes - H&M
Sunnies - Asos
Watch - Asos
Headband - Old scarf