Tuesday, 26 June 2012

College Taster Day

Shirt, Socks, Shoes, Bag, Cuff - Topshop, Skirt - H&M, T-Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Belt, watch, head scarf- vintage, Rings L-R - Turkey & mum's, Barry M - Nail Polish

Hello my beautiful readers! Today I went to a 'college taster day' which basically means I got to choose a college and see what courses they do; pick 2 courses we wanted to know more about and be able to see a little bit about what you do during that course.  So I have explained it all in my video that is just uploading so I'll link it here when it's up!

I did fashion in the morning and this afternoon I did art & design.  But I always feel like I bore you guys when I talk about school/education!  So let's talk about clothes!  I decided to wear this outfit because I wanted to be comfortable and still look good without being too hot or cold.  I had my denim jacket in my bag as well but I didn't really need it as it was pretty warm which is nice.  I love this top; there are so many different ways to wear it! With denim short it looks like a 'throw on' outfit yet still looks cool, with jeans it looks effortless and depending what colour/style jeans you can completely mix it up!  On the other hand, it just look so cool with skater skirts in my opinion.  I think it looks like you've put effort in without getting dressed up or going OTT, it just looks good I think!  I also really think the nail polish makes it pop.

It was a crazy coincidence that Sasha was going to the same college as me as she goes to a different school, but we've been friends since we were really little so it was super cool to find out she was going on the same trip as me!  I always love how Sasha dressed, it's always very well put together and just lovely.  I also found out she is very interested in going into fashion journalism and so we both are wanted to study similar things (despite me not wanting to go into journalism, I will hopefully be taking english) which is just so so great!  

everything Sasha's wearing is listed in the video 

have a good day everyone!


  1. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it! Your sense of style is the epitome of perfection xxx

    1. Okay I just checked out your blog and am having a minor girl crush/fangirl moment. your blog and style is perfection; mine is nothing in comparision! To all my readers, look at this amazing blog! thank you soooo much xxxx