Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pre-planning & Jubilee-ing

So here I am at 11.46pm (crazy late night gal) doing a wee bit of online shopping/lusting for what to buy for my birthday!  That is coming up soon (not soon) on the 19th of July.  I'm hoping to buy my grandad's camera from him (its a fab DSLR that I've used and am used to so it would be great if he could sell it to me - we're not too sure what he wants to do with it yet!)
It has come to my attention that I really want some new cool over sized blazers!  So far I'm liking these babies


It has also come to my attention that I need cute skater skirts but everyone knows what they look like so you don't need pictures!  Although in a wild array of pastel colours along with the obligatory black one; would be perf.  Also I need some cute shirts & crop tops because I'm like so low :-( 


The other things I'm MAJORLY feeling like I need are studded slippers, platform lace ups (I'd LOVE heels & wedges but I'm at an age when I just can't wear them on a day to day basis without looking stupid so I guess I'll have to wait for college/uni :-( ) .
Obviously JC Litas would be the perf choice but as I don't have that kind of money I shall have to opt for cheaper things.../flats....


I would actually prefer to get the studded slippers in black but for some reason I couldn't find the black pair on the website.  If they've stopped selling them (I highly doubt it, probably just the sites down or something) then I'll go for this nudey colour.  I've been lusting over these for ever!  The platform converse style shoes are just so cool too!  Was planning on buying a pair from Urban Outfitters but they're quite a lot more expensive for me and not that much cooler anyway, so why not go for the slightly cheaper pair?!

I would also love a shit load of cool rings and jewellery but that's not something I can be bothered to go and find pictures of as I'm sure you can imagine the kind of jewellery I would wear. 
I'm also planning on ombre-ing my hair around the time of my birthday (FINALLY!) so that'll be £50 gone! Hmm....won't be able to afford most of these babies I've shown you but at least you all know what I'm craving! Dammit why can't I find a job!! Darn employers not employing 14 year old grrrr.

Time for me to start saving then hey...!  I do have just over a month & a half so maybe I'll get there!

OH!  How was all your Jubilee weekends so far?!  My street had a street party today, which was okay I suppose...had a few friends round but I can't say it was anything special.  It's a shame just because I don't really know any of my neighbours and my family are very, very different to them all so it makes it difficult and plus I'm not very good at having/holding conversations with people, which sucks soooo bad I hate it!!  Something to work on.  My parents are lovely to them all, we just don't really know them which is a massive shame.  I'll get an some photographs of what I wore up soon; can't say I went all out on the red white & blue which is another shame.

What are you all lusting over (fashion-wise only please...) and what have you done during your jubilee weekend?


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