Monday, 23 April 2012

Nevada lipstick by Topshop

Nevada lipstick by Topshop - £8

I have seen a few different reviews on this lipstick before and it turns out nothing like I thought it would!  Nevada is a nude lipstick, that has a fairly matte finish in my opinion - a different formula completely compared to my other Topshop lipstick in Confession.  When I wore it for the first time, my lips weren't in the best state that they usually are and it looked really cloggy (???).  It looked like I had rubbed pale concealer all over my lips, which I didn't love and was initially dissapointed with, but the next day my lips had returned to their normal state and I tried it again and was pleasantly surprised!  This time it didn't look cakey or cloggy but just a nice nude colour which lasted a really long time throughout the day!  I was very suprised and happy with how long it lasted actually!  It got to a point where I couldn't feel anything on my lips and went to touch up, but I found all the lipstick still on, which I was happy with.  

The pictures above don't particularly do it justice as the lighting was appalling; causing it to look a lot pinkier than it is, but I assure you it is most definitely a nude.  I have heard people say that the sticker on the bottom doesn't resemble the colour at all, but I find on mine it does so I'm not sure where that came from unless Topshop fixed up their little mistake.  

What I did find odd was though, when I was in store I was browsing the lipsticks and saw two different Nevada lipsticks.  Both the testers where next to each other on the little row things that they are put out in, except one was way paler and one was a lot more pinky (whilst still being nude, just not white and ghostly)  I thought it was very odd and went for the pinkier toned one, but even when I swatched both of them, they were both different colours as well as having different coloured stickers despite having the same name....?  If you have an explanation for this, please please comment and explain to me as I am very confused!

My swatches aren't fabulous due to the horrific lighting in my bedroom when I took these pictures last night, but it came out to seem to have shimmer in it, which it doesn't so I probably had somehow managed to get glitter on my hand (?).

How do you like this lipstick if you've tried it?  If you haven't would you?


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Life #1

Thought I'd do a life update!  If you don't want to read, obviously I'm not forcing you too but I thought it would be nice to update you guys on what's going on!  So here are a few pictures, I hope you enjoy!

(14th April - My brother's birthday!) So, strolling through town to see some guy from the X Factor apparently!  I don't remember him as I don't really watch X Factor other than when I'm with friends or something, but he says he was the maths teacher?! Good news for any fanatics, he re-entered this year!

(15th April)  Went to see my aunt & her partner.  Struggled finding an outfit but this was pretty cute.  Might do an OOTD with this soon :-)

(15th April)  Lovely tiny salad

I was mid workout one day, I saw in the mirror the whopping muscle gain in my arm! (naturally I had to take a picture)  Seriously before I started getting fitter I had such weak muscles, there was no definition, no nothing!  Incase you can't see it, what I was revelling at was the muscle that looks like a shadow from my phone, but it is not a shadow, its muscle! Wooo!

(19th April) Mum's cute cakes she made!

(20th April)  Me being vain in a massive comfy shirt

(21st April - today)  I got a dress for my friend's sister's 18th next week.  I'm in love with it, its sooo pretty! and I love my new bag and wedges too!  Will do a separate post on this soon. Dress - Miss Selfridge, Bag - Topshop, Wedges - Topshop

(21st April - mum did my hair in a chignon!  Never done a chignon be honest with you I had never even really come across it before (shame on me) and I thought my mum has said it was called a 'shit-yog' due to her crappy french accent, but I was wrong!  Thought it was pretty cute!

(21st April)  My GORGEOUS wedges (from Topshop)...I've been wearing them around the house for ages as I love them so much! Well worth the £45 (so far) I think!  Will do a separate post on them later. 

Got my other haul up, take a look and leave some feedback please!

Just a quick update through pictures and stuff for you so, I hope you've liked it!  I may be absent a little more (not that I post very often away, sorry!) for a while as I have a lot of revision to be doing now as well as trying to stay on track with my fitness....swimming tomorrow! :-D I'm halfway towards my goal weight too, I'm so chuffed! I started off at 122lbs (which is about 8 stone and 8lbs I think), I'm currently down to 114lbs which 8lbs in about 4 weeks, yay!  I'm really hay with myself for staying on track for the most part and I'm so happy because I'm really seeing results!  Best part is, I've done all my exercise for free! (except one session of swimming which was only £2.15 anyway!)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Double Collared

 Hello lovelies.  I went a little crazy this morning when I was getting dressed, trying on so many different outfits!  As I was trying on lots of different things I was trying them with my white shirt underneath so when I went to put on this outfit I just threw this jumper over, forgetting it had a collar on already and bam, here we have ended up with this double collared scenario.  If you don't like it, that's fair enough, you are entitled to your opinion on it looking odd but I just thought as the collar on the jumper is quite subtle due to being on the side I thought it could be carried off (forgive me if you think I am wrong!).

 What I'm wearing: White shirt - Topshop
Jumper - vintage
tweed shorts - H&M (old) 
loafers - topshop
necklace - miss selfridge
belt - primark

I know I'm not being a fabulous fash chick in this as this is more aw11 then ss12 but oh well, its cold and I wanted to wear this (???).  i'm off to my friends house later (in his pimped out garden) for food and bits with everyone which should be fun as his garden is actually amazing he has like a fire pit thing its so cool!  Anyway that should be good...Oh and I put in some more close up pictures because my hair is like almost the length I've been aiming to grow it too!  It's about half an inch off! YAY!  Although I know I wanted to grow out my fringe but I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it yet, ekkk! I love the whole grown out fringe middle parting that Alexa Chung and the like do so I'll probably go for that as Alexa is my girl crush ~~sorry~~

I have school again in 4 days :'(.  Half term has gone too quickly even though I haven't really done much...oh well, I am feeling happier than I have in a long time recently, I have everything I want in my life right now (except my summer toned buff bod, but I'm working on that!).  I still have a shite load of school work to do, but every time I sit down to do it I just get distracted......guess I'll fail my exams woop. 

I did a bit of a smokey eye thing yesterday that I wasn't really feeling at the time because my hair was down and as its still pretty dark I looked really washed out, but I put my hair up and it grew on me!  Excuse the phone quality pictures though...I was pretty chuffed I did it with only 2 eye shadows though....Woo
Although these pictures were taken at the end of the day when it had basically all come off, so sorry! 

There was originally black in the waterline but um....

I thought it was visible but clearly it is not....

I uploaded 1 half of my haul the other day:

The other half is going up now...
I also filmed an crap quality ootd a few days ago for you...I tried my hardest to get pictures but it just wasnt happening so! 

If you want more from me, make sure you follow me on Twitter I update pretty regularly! @megan_crosby

Thanks for reading, hope you have a good day.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Hello lovelies, another OOTD today sorry I have a real lack of blog ideas!  Today I went to Southsea with my parents to a little market & a really cute little cafe, it was really cute. Molly's round now and she took these pictures with me in the garden  - slight change of scenery, woo.

(shirt - Joy The Store
jeans - Topshop
loafers - Topshop
jacket - Topshop
Rings - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Miss Selfridge)

Tomorrow I'm off to my friends house to watch films and chat and stuff like that...Haven't really planned beyond that yet, opps.  But I need to go to Albert Road very soon to return my shirt so I'll probably go out with my mumma one day in the week.  
    Not much has really gone on recently, but atleast I'm getting posts up which is good in my opinion!  I think I might do a haul for you guys?  That be cool? Also, I'm going to be selling a few bits of clothing soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.  Have a good evening guys.