Monday, 16 December 2013

Wishlist #1

I've decided to make my comeback to blogging!  I've really missed the buzz of blogging and sharing my style and feel for fashion with others.  I've also noticed that since giving up blogging I haven't put as much effort into what I wear anymore.  Obviously, I'm still totally fashion obsessed but I often find myself dressing for comfort more so then I used to (still with an air of style I hope).
     Nonetheless, I've decided to start off with a wish list post!  I have loads to talk to you about; my shop, my work... all sorts!

Grey tee - Monki
Bomber jacket - Topshop
Tartan Trousers - Topshop
Trousers - Monki
Lord & Berry Lipstick Pen - Via Asos
Watch - Asos
Bras - both Monki
Black PVC Trousers - Motel
Leather Trousers - Asos
Leopard Shoes - Topshop
Monk Strap Shoes - Asos
Bag - Missguided

I'm totally loving monochrome and tailored, fitted trousers.. Monochrome & nice shapes effortlessly makes outfits look chic.  

Thursday, 25 July 2013


On the 27th of June I had my school prom to celebrate leaving and all that, so I thought I'd share a few pictures with you.  I personally thought it was great and so lovely to see everyone looking so dapper and pretty! 
I decided to do my hair in a 1920's esque-y thing.  I love, love, loved it and it cost me (my mum) £30 at the hairdresser's but I loved it so I think it was well worth it.  As for my dress, everyone kept asking if it was vintage; it was from Miss Selfridge.  I think it was about £50, which is such a bargain compared to some of my friend's dresses.  I never understood the concept of spending £200+ on a dress you'll only wear once?!  
My shoes were from Zara and I love them!  I plan on wear them again because they can't be wasted.  I believe they were £30.  Then there's my bag which was from Internationale at £10 (I didn't intend to buy a matching bag to my shoes but then I saw it and thought 'OMG this needs to be done').  The last thing was my headband and that was from accesorise for £17.50 incase anyone was wondering.  

So, prom does add up money wise but I think it's all worth it for a lifetime of memories!  

As for travel to prom, I went in an American style yellow school bus and...hmm.  It was cute but none of us really loved it.  Oh well, it was a laugh.
We got served a meal which was no where near as bad as it had been made out to be by the previous year group!  After prom everyone headed down to the beach for an all night-er.  Can't say it was the best experience of my life but definitely a funny one!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I'm selling handmade kimonos!

I'm so sorry to have been gone so long, its been my birthday and I've been enjoying the summer.  But I promise I'll have hauls-a-plenty and OOTD's soon.  BUT!

I wanted to share with you all a little venture I'm starting.  I'm going to be selling handmade kimonos!  All made by hand, by me.

Unfortunately the fabric in the photo is no longer available but I can make kimonos in any of the following prints or in any plain colour you'd like.  Fringing is optional and you can change lengths for a little extra!

If you're interested email me at


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mesh Distress

Crop Top (underneath): H&M
Mesh top: H&M
Distressed shorts: Levi's and DIY
Loafers: Topshop
Bag: Select
Ring: Ellise Vintage
Watch: Asos

Considering the sunshine today, going all black and 'goth-esque' was probably not one of my best ideas.  Nonetheless, I bought this mesh tee recently and I couldn't wait to wear it any longer... So here it is.  If you saw my last post you'll have seen these DIY'd Levi's and I'm totally loving them!  Still annoyed you can't see the rips all too well but I suppose I'll live.

Not going to lie, I did receive a few funny looks for wearing this... I didn't think it was overly shocking?  Maybe the people of my town just aren't ready for mesh.  What kind of a place am I living in...
I just wore this to do some shopping today, I bought some cute fabrics and I'm planning on making a kimono and another dress.  I'm thinking of doing a DIY series?  A few tutorials and just showing you guys things I've been making?  Let me know if you'd like it.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

DIY Distressed Shorts & Me being Inspired

I've been loving the look of super ripped up distressed shorts recently, but I didn't want to attempt it at all myself....  Previously when I've tried, all I've done it utterly ruin expensive items of clothing... Fortunately, this time around, these black Levi's didn't cost me very much nor were they particularly unique or something I couldn't buy again if my DIY went wrong.
But of course, I sought out the help from The Fashion Citizen!  I love Stephanie and Melissa's style and I wish I lived somewhere as hot and perfect as Arizona.  But alas I do not...
Their tutorial shows you exactly how to distress the shorts in the super cool ripped way, so check ittttt.  Although, I did end up with black fluff all over the floor of my bedroom... A bare-able downside.

As much as I love the outcome, I'm going to do it again on a blue pair soon.  The black thread of the shorts make it so you can barely see the rips :-(.  
Still mega happy!

Monday, 1 July 2013


Guys as I'm sure you're all aware if you follow me on Google Friend Connect; it's shutting down!  Please follow my blog over in bloglovin' if you'd like.  The icon is on the left!


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

OOTD: Monochrome Florals

Hello my little stunners! I've missed blogging so much, I'm so happy to say I'm back.  I've finished school now and I'm free until September.  *party*
It's my prom tomorrow and I'm so so excited.  I'll definitely get loads of photos and get them all up for you as soon as I can, I might even film a little vlog of it all.  It's so exciting!  I don't feel old enough....
Anyway!  Here's my OOTD from a few days ago.  I went to a Leavers BBQ at school; it's just a big send off they do at my school; we all go in and have a lovely relaxed assembly and they give out silly little awards that everyone votes for (incase you're wondering, in my tutor I was voted most likely to be a fashion designer and my entire year group voted me best dressed! Go me...).  They close the school early for all the other pupils so that all the teachers are able to attend and say goodbye.  It was lovely!

Playsuit: c/o Motel Rocks
Cardigan: Vintage
Belt: Primark
Shoes: YesWalker
Socks: Topshop
Chain necklace: H&M
Floral headband: Primark
Lipstick: Topshop's Inibition

This outfit is not particularly photogenic...I personally think it looks an awful lot better in real life but what can I do!

It was a chilled-but-nice  vibe at school so I didn't want to look too laid back.  Hence picking this beautiful little playsuit.  I received this way back in October when I won a giveaway with Motel & Etail Webstores, but I've hardly worn it so when I noticed it hidden away at the back of my wardrobe I got all excited, as when you remove the belt, it looks just like 2 separate pieces... Something I've been searching for at a reasonable price for a month or so now.  So you can imagine my excitement when I found this!  But then I put a belt on...Remind me again why?  Silly Megan.

I hope you like it nonetheless!  There should be a haul up very soon, so keep your eyes open.

Lots of love

Friday, 5 April 2013

Chunky Knit, Checks and a Pretty Handbag

Shirt - UO Vintage Renewal via Ebay
Cardigan - Vintage
Jeans - Topshop Leigh
Shoes - YesWalker
Bag - Vintage
Watch - Asos
Chain Necklace - H&M
(sorry for the even worse quality then normal, I still need to get new batteries for my normal camera)

Hello lovelies.  I absolutely love what I'm wearing today it's a mix of all my recent purchases and I just love it to pieces.  It's really vibing what I want to dress like right now, although I do wish it was more summer so I could wear this with Levi's or a skirt...  Although, my hair and make up on the other hand, is not at all what I would like to be going for, therefore I've cropped it out in almost all of the photos.  You'll have to excuse me! 

I bought this beautiful cardigan for £3 in a vintage/charity shop (I couldn't quite work out which it was!). I  spotted it just as I was leaving so it felt like fate... A dream come true after me searching for the perfect beautiful white knit cardigan for ever.  At last.  It's a similar story for the bag too, me and a friend were pouring through a Sue Ryder charity shop and she found it for me and I was well and truly made up.  It's so so gorgeous, it goes with literally everything.  It's so simple and yet so pretty, cute and sophisticated.  In love. 

Today was a lovely day.  I went to see The Host this morning with my mum and was very pleased!   I was expecting it to be 100 times different to the book, like movies usually are.  But as Stephenie Meyer's book adapted movie's go, they don't get messed with too much.  Probably due to the millions of teenage girls (myself included) that would throw major hissy fits if it got changed.  Can you imagine the impact of millions of stroppy, hormonal teenagers hissy-fitting at the same time...?  Obviously not all are stroppy and hormonal, but I'm just generalising here.
After the film, we went for lunch at Jamie's which was so lovely.  I love that Jamie's does smaller portions for pasta and stuff, perfect size for lunch time!  Apart from that and my successful shopping trip, my half term has just been me working and sleeping.  What have you guys been up to?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


- Motel
Tee - Primark
Shorts - Levi's
Shoes - H&M
Sunnies - Asos
Watch - Asos
Headband - Old scarf

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dungaree Days

Dungarees - Topshop
Jumper - Topshop
Boots - H&M

Before I begin, I would like to say a big thank you to my lovely parents, who kindly bought me my lovely new dungarees and pretty white jumper!  I'm so in love with them both, I can just see myself wearing them all summer long...

I wore this outfit for mine and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary...Yes, I know, 2 years!  Ah!  So exciting and so strange its been that long, it really doesn't feel that long at all.  It's been a wonderful two years and I hope it continues!  We didn't make a huge deal of it, we just stayed at home, had some pizza and watched Johnathon Ross.  All, in all, it was lovely.

Lew's OOTD....

Despite the fact we didn't do anything I still wanted to look relatively pretty so I wore my lovely new outfit.  Can't explain my love for it all.  Eeee!  I just love rocking out dungarees and feeling like a small child again, but (hopefully) putting a slight twist to it.

I went up to Cambridge last weekend to see my family but I forgot all about taking pictures, so I am terribly sorry about that.  It would've been so nice to see some pictures on here, I want my blog to be more than just OOTD after OOTD.  But alas, what can I do now.  Mind you, I did buy some rather lovely pieces in the H&M up there so keep your eyes peeled for the haul I'm about to film once this is posted!

Due to the Cambridge visit, I didn't manage to get any posts up.  As well as the fact I had a French written exam last Monday, I was up to my ears in school work.  Thankfully that is done and I got my results for my January exams on Thursday...I'm pretty pleased!  I got an A* in English Language and a B in Maths.  But I have to do another maths paper in the summer, so hopefully if I try my hardest I can get an A, but if I don't I've still got my B!  Horray!

Oh and how do you guys like my hair like this?!  I'm so tired of the same topknot every day!  Let me know!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Monochrome Love

Vest - Primark, Jeans and Denim Jacket - Topshop, Boots and Rings - H&M, Necklace - Dorothty Perkins

I bought this cute little monochrome sheer vest-y top today, envisaging all the outfits I can rock it with for S/S.   Today I thought I'd go simple with my go to jeans, but ah, it will just go with everything!  Not bad for £4.
This is like a shopping, or cinema outfit, just a day to day kind of one, but if I was to dress it up some more, I think I would go for a pair of black cigarette trousers or stick with the jeans and put on a black blazer with gorgeous heels or stick with the they're my new favourites.  Despite really hurting my toes, though.

Whenever I make a mirror image of my outfits, it always loses its quality.  For example, all of my pictures are taken on the same, very good, camera.  So, why, when I edit them into mirrored images, do they go all rubbishy?!  If you know, please help a girl out!

Oh, and thank you all so very much for your book recommendations, I will get my hands on them as soon as I can, but currently I am just about to begin the second book in the Beautiful Creatures series; Beautiful Darkness.  The book turned out to be so much better than the movie, so, I was right!  The movie completely changed the storyline of the ending, which totally annoyed me.  If you make a movie of a book, atleast stick to the storyline closer than they did.  Maybe they did it because they don't intend on making another movie.  I'm not sure, but nonetheless, I'm loving the books.  Mind you, they're totally ruining my revision schedule.

Talking of revision schedules, I must go back...Sad Megan.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Haul Time

Crop Top - Internacionale (£6.99)

Stacking rings - H&M (£3.99) 
(ignore my chipped nail polish...I'm off to paint them in a sec!)

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (£2.95 at Tesco)

Pretty boots - H&M (£24.99)

As promised, my haul.  Despite there not being a lot, it's atleast £40's worth; atleast 2 weeks of wages!  (baring in mind, I only work on Saturdays so, still pretty darn good for me).  

I've been lusting after one of those turtle neck crop tops since the moment I first saw one.  Finally I have got my hands on one and I'm clueless as to why it took me so long.  If you read yesterday's post, you'll know I was looking for some plain-ish tees that I could just wear with everything and in my disappointment, I gave in a bought one of these cuties.  I'm definitely going to get myself a black one too, I can see myself wearing it non stop over the summer with denim cut offs or statement trousers.  At £6.99 from Internacionale, it was one of the cheaper ones...Although it is annoyingly see through so I wish I spent a few more pounds and went to Topshop or ordered from Asos.  But alas!

I bought the stacked rings just because I think they give an outfit just a really cool touch.  I can't quite explain  it, but as a girl who loves jewellery, I'm super in love with simple things right now. 

As for the book.  I'm a huge book lover (mainly of rubbish, supernatural, teen romances; Twilight and the like).  I saw the movie of Beautiful Creatures and was quite dissapointed  but I've got a feeling that the book is going to be a lot more in-depth than the movie, that I felt, sort of ran over the key points too quickly.  I'm trying not to set my hopes too high, just incase.
   On the note of books, I really would love to 'open my mind' to more literature and good books.  Not just classic novel, anything that you feel everyone should read in their lifetime.  So, if you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments!

Finally, my gorgeous boots!  I love them!  So pretty.  I've been after a pair like these for what also feels like forever, but the same as with the crop top, I just never found myself buying any.  It was probably to do with the fact the only ones I found were close to £70 when I'd much prefer to spent £25.  So, I did!  Without a shadow of a doubt, I love them!  Super happy with them and I think they'll be one of the finishing touches half of my outfits are crying out for.

I have attempted to film a haul twice now.  The first time I was much to rambley and my hair was a hideous, hideous mess - even more so than usual.  And the second time the entire thing was out of focus.  I looked like a pink-y, yellow-y blob.  So...Off to shower, paint my nails before round 3 of my haul attempt...


Friday, 22 February 2013

Turtle Neck Bandwagon

Crop top - Internacionale, Skirt, rings, boots, faux fur - H&M, Belt - Primark, Leather Jacket - Motel

Today I bought this pretty little crop after I jumped onto the turtle neck crop top band wagon.  I've wanted one for ages, but never got around to buying one!  Today I did after my search for simple tees and in my disappointment  I bought this.  Thus, satisfying myself again.  I'm slightly annoyed now though, as its so so see through!  Should have just spent an extra few £££ and gone to Toppers!  Oh well.

Pretty simple outfit really.  I wanted to highlight my lovely new boots which I also got today for tha bargain price of £25.  I couldn't resist!  Especially after wanting a pair like them forever!  I was coveting chelsea boots in a similar style, but after having no luck I decided to just buy these babies instead.  I'm a happy chicka!  Definitely on the way to satisfying my need for new things, but let's wait until I get paid before I go all out.  Woo!

Once again, I apologise for the poor pictures.  As soon as it starts to warm up, I'll get them taken somewhere much nicer than my bedroom.  It's beginning to wind me up how crap they look.  Think I need to invest in a tripos to thoroughly crush this issue.  Anyway.

I'll have a mini haul up tomorrow; literally mini, mini.  So yeah.

Good night, I'm off to read Beautiful Creatures in the desperate hope that the book is better than the film.  Or good day...depending when you're reading this.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Valentine's Antics & Short Life Ramble

I'm late with my Valentine's post, but I've been major busy this week so I'll leave my excuses to the minimum of that extent.  For V day, I cooked Lewis and myself dinner then we just chilled out.  I won't elaborate, you can see it all from the pictures!

home made by me - chicken, bacon and pea risotto!

Yummy gooey in the middle chocolate puddings

My lovely gifts!

Lewis' grumpy pose

slight out of focus...

on to my outfit!

Dress - UO, Belt & Blazer - Primark, Shoes & necklace - Primark

A very lovely evening!  Although looking back I have no idea why I wore that, because I look absolutely terriblly rough!  I haven't the faintest why I didn't bother doing my hair nicer or sorting out my make up...  Ugh, forever unsatisfied.  Anyway...

I'm feeling truly dissapointed with my style recently.  It's getting more and more boring and same-y.  I need to go on a major shop, I think.  My style is crying out for some major exciting key pieces; namely some accessories and a few stunning pieces that aren't too ordinary.  I don't want to be stuck in a rut of boring clothes!  If you know where I can get some super cool pieces, let me know. 
Especially since I've been reading through every single blogger's LFW posts, I've been feeling like an outsider.  Trust me, I tried to go to LFW but apparently my blog is not good enough at this point.  Lets try next season, eh?  Going to have fashtastic updates and replacements everywhere.  
Okay.  I hope you're looking forward to it.

P.S I've had a haircut...When I asked for it to be cut bluntly and straight on the ends...I got 3 inches off.  I am certainly not happy, reversing all the efforts that it took me over the last year of growing it to the length it was but, I'll just have to rock it in a slightly different way.  Sure I can do it.