Friday, 15 June 2012

Primark A/W 12

Hello guys!  I've got my big chemistry exam out of the way now, phew!  I've got exam every day next week except Thursday :-(  Only two that I need to prepare for though, which is good.  Anyway, I won't bore you with that!  Guess what I've just seen?  It made me very excited...

Some of you may have already seen but Look Magazine have just released an exclusive viewing of some of Primark's new range for A/W 12.  I've saved my favourite pieces so that you guys can see what I loved and so you can wish the summer away with me...Opps!  It makes me super happy that some of these pieces are already on sale so if you're feeling a head of schedule you can go pick some up and be dressed perfectly in some of the chillier weather that we're experiencing!  These were some of my favourite looks

Love the court shoes, I've been dying to get some.  Primark's the place!  I'm really liking the whole turtle-neck under a jumper thing too  I think it looks such 'thrown on' chic.

THIS!  This is maybe my favourite.  I LOVE the slouchy 'I just threw this on' look.  It just looks so gorgeous, but so relaxed and beautiful.  Although you've probably got to have the right figure for this kind of outfit or it may look unflattering... Let's get back to the gym, 'eh!  Oh, and the bag!  This is what originally appealed me to this look..oh the bag!

I love that mixing prints and just prints in general are staying with us the A/W.  That makes me happy!  Nothing makes a cold rainy winter day better than some clashing print!


Okay, I love this outfit too.  This is my second favourite...  I really like the more androgynous look in this one, the glittery bottoms with that jacket.  Ugh I need that jacket in my life...and the shoes...oh the shoes.

The blazer is what made me love this look so much.  I love broken up/trimmed blazers!  They make me happy just to look at them.

Prints and studs prints and studs prints and studs (life = made)

I lurve these trousers.  And the slouchy V-neck jumper. End.

I'll admit I'm not quite so keen on this one, I just really like the trousers!

These were my favourite pieces that have been previewed

I think my favourite things are the jackets, blazers and coats!  Lovely!  I definitely need that leather sleeved green coat in my life.  Or the leather trimmed big cream coat/blazer.  I also would love to have a pretty pair of leather gloves this year because they'll last me a few years, will look gorgeous and they'll just be so much more sophisticated and fashionable than woolly gloves.  I'm just not feeling woolly gloves this year!  Glad I've got a few months to wait (hopefully).  The high top wedge trainers are also blissful to look at!  But I prefer the pair in one of the looks above; I hope that pair get released because I prefer those by 1000!  Despite these brilliant pieces, I don't love everything that's been previewed but then if that happened it would be too good to be true!

I'll admit to you guys that Primark isn't my favourite shop and due to being so cheap the quality of the things in there can often be fairly poor and not strong clothing/shoes/accessories.  But the designs of these pieces of clothing are beautiful and I'm really looking forward to opening up myself to lots more shops for bigger purchases.  By that I mean I may start buying more things from Primark than I would now, as currently I only tend to buy one thing from Primark every so often because nothing really draws my attention.  All the images above and in the looks I think all the clothes look well made which is all I'm after.  This will also be a good thing for me because it means I won't be spending 100's of pounds in Topshop on maybe 3 things and spending the same amount on some equally beautiful pieces from Primark.  But that said I'm not going to opt for Primark just because it's cheaper.  If there's something gorgeous in Topshop or somewhere of the like I'll buy it.

Hope you all have a good Friday x


  1. Wow! Oh wow! I absolutely love Primark's AW12 collection, if it's all really as good as this then Primark have really nailed it!
    Also, I found some similar looking shoes to the wedge/high-tops that you may like:

    There are more colours in the Footwear section at

    Love from, MISSIFFA

    1. Primark really have nailed it with these pieces, I agree. I'll take a look later thank you xx