Saturday, 31 March 2012


I've wanted a denim jacket for so so so so so long and today I finally got one! Wooooooooo!  I know I'm committing a major fash crime with double denim, but I quite like it, so don't hate me pls :-).  I got a few jewellery pieces today aswell that I love - I've wanted one of those spikey necklace for ages and I got one for £1!!!! All in all, today was a fab shopping day!  This is what I wore + my new jacket but during the day I wore a black blazer and I put a picture of that up on my twitter this morning so take a look @megan_crosby.

(Tee - Truly Madly Deeply at Urban Outfitters
Denim shorts - vintage shop
Denim jacket - Topshop
Loafers - Topshop
Spikey necklace - Miss Selfridges
Rings L-R - Topshop, Miss Selfridge
Silver cuff - Topshop
watch - Nan's)

Went to Albert Road today (if you don't know where that is, it's a really lovely road with a few vintage/second hand shops) and I got myself a really cute white shirt, it's got frills all round the neckline & wrists but I was a penis and didn't try it on in the store because the changing rooms are pretty crappy to be honest.  As soon as I got home I tried it and the sleeves look stupid, all puffy and odd so I'm going to ask the woman in there if I can return/exchange it because I think she recognises me which is great even though I haven't been in that many times.
    I saw Amelia again today, we went to a little cafe with my parents, but to be honest it was shit service considering how many staff were in there!  They took forever with our cakes and forgot our drinks but oh well, it was very very pretty - very rustic!
Looking Chinese as you do!!

Hope you had a good day everyone!

Friday, 30 March 2012

OOTD 30/3/12, Video updates, Life updates & Fitness update

Long time no speak, my lovelies I hope you don't mind!  If my blog was a baby it would be dead from me not feeding it...oops.
So here I was sat for the last few months dribbling over this Urban Outfitter's tee and I find one of my besties to have it just screwed up in the corner of her wardrobe...!  Initially when I asked if I could buy it off her she said no, but here we are about a month later it's now mine, yum yum yum.  I wasn't sure what to pair it with as I didn't want to tuck it in because then I'd loose half the cross in my trousers/bottoms and it would look like an odd un-proportioned cross...So I went for leggings and a print clash! How S/S 12 of me. But yeah I love it, it's super comfy and looks good too (my favourite things)! A few out of focus pictures, I'm sorry.

(Top - Truly Madly Deeply at Urban Outfitters
Leggings - Topshop
Espadrilles - River Island (last year)
Denim Gilet - New Look
Gold Choker - H&M
Scrabble Ring - A random market (you can get them on Ebay)
Ring/Bracelet thing - Miss Selfridge
Silver Cuff - Topshop
Watch - Nan's
Nail Polish - Collection 2000 'Midnight Rouge')

I know I said a little while ago that I wanted to only focus on blogging for a little while, but I needed to get something up here a few days ago and the quickest way of doing that was by filming a video so here are my last few, but I am going to be focussing on blogging from this point onwards.

OOTD - 27/3/12
OOTD - 26/3/12

As you probably know, if you know me in real life, me and my boyfriend broke up almost a week ago now because of various things and I'm not going to talk about it too much because it's very personal and I don't want my entire life flashed over the internet, but I was very very upset for a few days but I'm getting a lot better now because of my fabulous friends! So thank you to my lovely girlies if you read this.  But me and Lewis were together for just over a year and are going to stay good friends, I hope!
Due to the break up I have been with my friends non stop this week accept for today as I need some time to get up to date with blog stuff and I also have lots of revision to do (that I probably won't end up doing, even though I really need to).  But yeah, I have recorded by outfits in the two videos above and not before then so for that I apologise!  I've really enjoyed myself with them all though it's been lovely!
   We went to see the Hunger Games on Wednesday (good old Orange Wednesday) and I enjoyed seeing it in movie form, but it wasn't at all the way I imagined it in my head!  But I still recommend it.  After we went to Nando's and I had a lovely salad...without chicken, which sort of goes against the point of Nando's, but oh well!  That was very nice and such and such!  Oh and before that I just chilled with everyone and we went on walks and stuff as well as a BBQ last Sunday which was all so enjoyable and lovely (despite a brown sauce fight that ended badly)! I haven't put up too many pictures because they're all my own of life and stuff, I don't want too many around the blogosphere!
Lauren, Amelia & I BBQing with others

Amelia & I in my 2nd most hated subject - Science


Photo in the aviators (not my sunnies!)

A new introduction to the world...A 'Cake Cup' (that's cake in a cup, for anyone who doesn't get that)....this one had a bit of sausage in for good measure. Hmm.

I do have more friends then just Lauren & Amelia but I have spent most of my time with them this weeks and these are pictures of this week, so!

Over the past week and a half I have been getting fit & healthy with Tone It Up.  I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy doing it though either! I am always saying I want to thin down and tone up but I never have done it properly until now.  Go to their YouTube channel and do a few of their workout videos or do their Drop 10 diet that is hosted on  It's so enjoyable, really! That's coming from someone who can not stand exercise, too.  As I said, I have been doing it for around a week an a half and I feel amazing physically right now!  I've really noticed some slight changed in my body shape - my legs, arms & tummy and I'm so so happy as they are my real problem areas.  I really recommend it to you a long with a reasonably healthy diet as well (I have been eating treats too, so don't worry too much about it but try it makes you feel great as well!)

Today was the last day of school so I guess it's officially the Easter half term for us school children like me.  That's two weeks off to anyone who doesn't know school terms.  This means a few more blog posts and life pictures and all round updates, so keep your eyes peeled!
Thank you for reading you beauties!
Meg x

P.S I fell off my bike a few days ago, hense the red scab on my chin :-( just to let you know incase you thought it might be make up or anything like that!  You can't really see it here, but incase you do notice its better to tell you!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

I heart Tavi Gevinson

    <iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

could not be more inspired then anyone other than Tavi Gevinson

Friday, 23 March 2012

Busy bee..?

I've been really quite busy with things recently, so I feel I should apologise to my blog for that.  This week I have been trying to catch up with my friends a lot as I haven't really seen much of them, but I feel I've really gotten close with some again, which is just lovely :-).  I've also started up a new fitness thing.  I have been eating okay (with a 'few treats' - meaning eating healthy all day until I gorge on sweets....) but I have been doing quite long workouts so hopefully I'm burning off some of the grossness I'm putting into my body...I just can't help myself (who can say no to Cream Eggs and Haribo's?!).  But it has actually made a pretty great difference after only about 5 days, which is amazing! No noticably difference in my body just yet, but I have been feeling really really good!  I've been walking & cycling around a lot to get to places to see people too, which just adds up too! 
I'm never normally a sporty person, because I can't stand sports, to be honest, but I've been doing toning & some cardio workouts from ToneItUp and I can honestly say I have enjoyed doing their videos!  It also really helps that the two trainers are always in fitted clothing so you can see their body shapes, showing to you that you can achieve it too if you follow their videos!  Admittedly that may put some people off, but I find it quite motivating.  
Anyway, that's my explaination as to why I haven't posted anything!  I don't have any pictures from recently of anything fashion/beauty related so once I again I'm sorry!

Lots of love xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mumma's Day

(white collared shirt - Topshop
striped dress- a concession in Debenhams
patterned tights - H&M (last  year)
Cardigan - Henry Holland in Debenhams
Black loafers - Topshop
belt - H&M (old)
necklace - Pendant from a vintage fair)

I'm off out for a meal somewhere in Guildford today (this is a scheduled post - if you've read me earlier post I talk about it!) with my family which I am looking forward too.  I planned to wear this a few nights ago, I wanted to look quite girly but not too cutesy so I put on my darkest lipstick (Vamp by Sleek).  I hope you guys like it, I'll post soon for you guys!

Have a good day with your families (or whatever else you're doing! :-) )
Meg xx

Friday, 16 March 2012

Please vote for me
Please please vote for me, just scroll down this page, and you'll see Megan.  That's me!  Please then click vote!  I wasn't aware the videos had gone up or I would have posted this already.  Thank you so so so so so much if you vote for me, it means SO much!

Floral Trousers OOTN

(floral tapered trousers - H&M
shirt - Dorothy Perkins
belt - H&M (old)
elephant necklace - New Look
booties - New Look
leather jacket - Dorothy Perkins)

I was planning what to wear to my cousin's surprise party tomorrow night and thought my gorgeous new floral  trousers would fit the bill perfectly.  Although I am a little too short for them (they are supposed to sit on the leg where mine have been rolled up too I hate being so short) so when I unrolled them they look slightly more flared then they do on normal height women!  But I decided to add my only pair of heels to make it a bit more 'night time' (?).  Although I think I might try it with a white shirt...not sure, not sure.

So guys, I was thinking I might take some time out of making videos for a little while because I've been doing videos since January - February and I do enjoy it but I think I may try to work on my blog more, because it's a lot easier for me to blog then it is to make video although I do have a lot of blog ideas that involve videos...I can always make videos that I upload to YouTube for the soul purpose of a blog post? I'm not sure, but I can definitely say photographs are a lot easier for me then videos and I can do photos on my own rather than needing someone to help film.  So yeah, after I have uploaded all the previously filmed videos on my blog I probably won't be doing any videos for a while, except one of me making this 'announcement' and maybe an occasional OOTD that I've recorded on my mobile. Ah!

Speaking of videos, here are my latest few that I haven't put on my blog yet.

Hope you enjoy the videos!

On another note, I got myself a pastel blue eyeliner yesterday, its so pretty!  it's very Capitol (if you've read the Hunger Games, you'll know what I'm talking about!) But I do really really like it, it looks verry different but I'll be sure to take some pictures when I wear it.  I'm thinking about wearing it to the party I'm going to tomorrow night but then I may save it for Mother's Day as I'm going out for a meal with my familly as I don't get to see my family very often because they all live up in Guildford.  Incase you haven't worked out by this point; this means that this weekend I am going up to Guildford and so my post for Sunday will not be written on Sunday.  I'm going to write it tonight through, so it will be up Sunday (how clever scheduling is!).

Have a great weekend guys,

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Clearasil PerfectaWash

Hello! I received my Clearasil PerfectaWash today, which I won in their 50 Free PerfectaWash Kits competition.  Incase you don't know anything about the Clearasil PerfectaWash, it was previously known as the Skincare Revolution, advertised in Glamour magazine.  I used the sample that came with my mag and thought it was great straight away.  I used it in the morning as a cleanser and in the evening too before I ran out of product due to my small sachet. But the sachet packet said it was a wash & mask so I was intregued to try it as a mask because it had felt like a very good cleanse.  So I headed over to their facebook page and requested one - I recieved it around a week later, used it as a mask and found all my spots and blemishes had visably reduced in redness and I could tell if I carried on with the product it would have done very good things to my skin.  I was so happy when mine came in the post today and I received a dispenser and a 'Superfruit Extracts & Vitamin E' refill.  But, I'm not going to say any more than that because I'm going to be posting a video review onto their facebook page so when it's up I will put a link into a post so make sure to head over, take a look and LIKE it for me please, please so I can be in the running for their competition to win £1000! 
    I'm going to film my review on Wednesday the 14th because I'd like a few days to use the product and see the difference it makes, so keep your eyes peeled! 

I'm getting my hair done on Tuesday (13th of March) aswell, so you'll see my new hair in the video too!  It won't be anything dramatic though, just a fringe trim and such!  Before I go, I just want to mention that I've dyed my hair...incase you saw on my twitter I posted a picture of me and a box of hair dye in the shade 'Darkest Brown'...Well, 'Darkest Brown' my friend you should just be called Jet Black.  But oh well, my hair has been around this dark before so I guess it'll wash out lighter so nothing too bad but it's still quite a dramatic change in my eyes! (I don't have a picture because -naturally- by this point in the evening (8.50pm) I have 1.scrapped my hair back due to the annoyance of it being all 'Hey I'm Not The Colour You Want And I'm Gonna Frizz Like A Biatch Just To Make You Mad' & 2. my fringe refusing to be straight and therefore puffing out in all kinds of odd directions).

Thank you for reading! xx

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Videos, Update & POTP #3

Hello my loves who read this!
I'm feeling so happy today, I think it's probably because its mine and my boyfriends1 year anniversary tomorrow! So happy!  Might film a romantic outfit look for you possibly!  Speaking of videos I have uploaded the following:

I still have some more to upload for the next couple days too, so keep your eyes peeled!  I got quite a lot of new bits and bobs today, so I'm going to film a collective haul at the end of the month because I have a feeling I will be getting a few more bits for myself.  I got some hair dye today as well, which you may have seen a picture that I posted of me and the box if you follow me on twitter.  Hopefully putting it on tomorrow night, its just a dark brown but I am really looking forward to changing up my hair a little bit as well as going to the hairdressers on the 13th (can not wait, my fringe is soo long now!)  But my hair is really annoying me recently so I'm looking forward to it being a little different!  I was hoping to go a light Jameela Jamil colour, because her hair is so beautiful. 

Crappy picture, but I straightened my hair last night, woo!

I hope you beauties have had a good thursday and its friday tomorrow, YES! I hope everyone has a lovely lovely day, I know (hope) I will!

Lots of love x

Monday, 5 March 2012

My Wardrobe Staples

I filmed quite a few videos on the weekend and there are still a few more that are soon to be up within the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.  I filmed this video, because I thought it was a nice idea to let you see into my wardrobe a little bit and what my favourite items are.  I also am more into fashion then I am beauty so I'm trying to to stray too far into the lines of beauty blogger and stay somewhere safely in the middle.  
I am going to get a real blog post up for you soon, but I have been trampled with homework over the last week or so and I have a lot to catch up on, with lots of things needing to be but before my blog (sorry!)  But I have an english exam this week, then i will just have a few bits of revision here and there, so I can probably take a day out next week or the end of this week to get a decent blog post up for you.  I'm thinking I'm going to write about my favourite shows (fom NYFW, LFW &PFW - but I may end up just doing LFW, because it's the one I paid the most attention to, due to being a Brit!)
Anyway thanks for reading guys, lots of love x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Review #2: Umberto Gianni - Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm

As I said in the video, I couldn't be bothered to type out my review so here it is in video form! The last review has also been filmed and will be up in the next few days.  Thanks for watching x

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Hello lovelies!
Hope you enjoy this quick OOTD, I have filmed quite a lot of videos today, so they will be up through out the week :)


February Inspiration

Pictures from Topshop Tumblr, The Style Rookie, Google, tumblr & various blogs