Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dungaree Days

Dungarees - Topshop
Jumper - Topshop
Boots - H&M

Before I begin, I would like to say a big thank you to my lovely parents, who kindly bought me my lovely new dungarees and pretty white jumper!  I'm so in love with them both, I can just see myself wearing them all summer long...

I wore this outfit for mine and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary...Yes, I know, 2 years!  Ah!  So exciting and so strange its been that long, it really doesn't feel that long at all.  It's been a wonderful two years and I hope it continues!  We didn't make a huge deal of it, we just stayed at home, had some pizza and watched Johnathon Ross.  All, in all, it was lovely.

Lew's OOTD....

Despite the fact we didn't do anything I still wanted to look relatively pretty so I wore my lovely new outfit.  Can't explain my love for it all.  Eeee!  I just love rocking out dungarees and feeling like a small child again, but (hopefully) putting a slight twist to it.

I went up to Cambridge last weekend to see my family but I forgot all about taking pictures, so I am terribly sorry about that.  It would've been so nice to see some pictures on here, I want my blog to be more than just OOTD after OOTD.  But alas, what can I do now.  Mind you, I did buy some rather lovely pieces in the H&M up there so keep your eyes peeled for the haul I'm about to film once this is posted!

Due to the Cambridge visit, I didn't manage to get any posts up.  As well as the fact I had a French written exam last Monday, I was up to my ears in school work.  Thankfully that is done and I got my results for my January exams on Thursday...I'm pretty pleased!  I got an A* in English Language and a B in Maths.  But I have to do another maths paper in the summer, so hopefully if I try my hardest I can get an A, but if I don't I've still got my B!  Horray!

Oh and how do you guys like my hair like this?!  I'm so tired of the same topknot every day!  Let me know!