Thursday, 29 December 2011

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will post an update today or tomorrow, promise x

Friday, 23 December 2011

Hello and small haul

Hello there, thank you for looking at my blog! I've been uming and aaaing about getting a blog, but I just thought, why not!  I like fashion and I like beauty, why not join the other fashion and beauty bloggers!
I wasnt really sure what to do in my first post so I thought I'd so a small introduction and a small haul as I've bought a few small things recently.
Introduction...right, um well I'm Megan, I am British (quite obviously) and I'm still in school (not long left though!).  Not really sure what to say, but  you'll get to know me a bit more if you keep reading this blog. :-)

Just a little beauty haul, then. I got a few new pieces of jewellery but I'll wait for a January sales haul before I post them, because I wasn't sure how to photograph them without trying them on as I'm in my pyjamas right now, haha!

 Topshop nail polish mini set - it had really cute packaging but I binned it before this haul :(
1. 'Big Smoke' 2. 'Dark Horse' 3.'Offbeat' (couldnt see Dark Horse or Offbeat on the website, sorry!)
 Okay for travelling maybe, but I found I had to scrub my nails to get the polish off, but not bad for £2.
 Also got this make up bag when I got the nail stuff, it looks pretty small, but fits the majority of my make up in, its like a TARDIS!!
 Looooove Bad Gal Lash, it really coats my lashes without being clumpy or too sticky which I like, but the wand is pretty big so its a no no if you're not into that.  I also tried the 'They're Real!' also by Benefit and I'm not sure if I put too much on or if I put it on wrong, but I found it made me eyelashes look like a pair of spiders - too clumpy and just not a good look on me, but my mum wear its everyday and her lashes look lovely!

 Love cherry flavour!!
 I don't normally use foundation so I didnt splash out too much and got this one from M&S for about £8 in natural beige.  Its a little bit too dark for my skin and doesnt last very long, as well as being an alright coverage but I suppose thats what you get for an £8 foundation.  But it has broken me out a little bit, so I will probably go lighter from now on.
 I am a loyal Palmer's Cocoa butter fan, cant go wrong with a chocolatey smelling self, can you?!

Bit of a small pointless haul, but oh well! I will get a Christmas Eve OOTD up for tomorrow hopefully, can't believe how quickly Christmas has come around! Can't wait!
Thanks for reading,
meg x