Saturday, 31 March 2012


I've wanted a denim jacket for so so so so so long and today I finally got one! Wooooooooo!  I know I'm committing a major fash crime with double denim, but I quite like it, so don't hate me pls :-).  I got a few jewellery pieces today aswell that I love - I've wanted one of those spikey necklace for ages and I got one for £1!!!! All in all, today was a fab shopping day!  This is what I wore + my new jacket but during the day I wore a black blazer and I put a picture of that up on my twitter this morning so take a look @megan_crosby.

(Tee - Truly Madly Deeply at Urban Outfitters
Denim shorts - vintage shop
Denim jacket - Topshop
Loafers - Topshop
Spikey necklace - Miss Selfridges
Rings L-R - Topshop, Miss Selfridge
Silver cuff - Topshop
watch - Nan's)

Went to Albert Road today (if you don't know where that is, it's a really lovely road with a few vintage/second hand shops) and I got myself a really cute white shirt, it's got frills all round the neckline & wrists but I was a penis and didn't try it on in the store because the changing rooms are pretty crappy to be honest.  As soon as I got home I tried it and the sleeves look stupid, all puffy and odd so I'm going to ask the woman in there if I can return/exchange it because I think she recognises me which is great even though I haven't been in that many times.
    I saw Amelia again today, we went to a little cafe with my parents, but to be honest it was shit service considering how many staff were in there!  They took forever with our cakes and forgot our drinks but oh well, it was very very pretty - very rustic!
Looking Chinese as you do!!

Hope you had a good day everyone!

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