Friday, 23 March 2012

Busy bee..?

I've been really quite busy with things recently, so I feel I should apologise to my blog for that.  This week I have been trying to catch up with my friends a lot as I haven't really seen much of them, but I feel I've really gotten close with some again, which is just lovely :-).  I've also started up a new fitness thing.  I have been eating okay (with a 'few treats' - meaning eating healthy all day until I gorge on sweets....) but I have been doing quite long workouts so hopefully I'm burning off some of the grossness I'm putting into my body...I just can't help myself (who can say no to Cream Eggs and Haribo's?!).  But it has actually made a pretty great difference after only about 5 days, which is amazing! No noticably difference in my body just yet, but I have been feeling really really good!  I've been walking & cycling around a lot to get to places to see people too, which just adds up too! 
I'm never normally a sporty person, because I can't stand sports, to be honest, but I've been doing toning & some cardio workouts from ToneItUp and I can honestly say I have enjoyed doing their videos!  It also really helps that the two trainers are always in fitted clothing so you can see their body shapes, showing to you that you can achieve it too if you follow their videos!  Admittedly that may put some people off, but I find it quite motivating.  
Anyway, that's my explaination as to why I haven't posted anything!  I don't have any pictures from recently of anything fashion/beauty related so once I again I'm sorry!

Lots of love xx

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