Saturday, 10 March 2012

Clearasil PerfectaWash

Hello! I received my Clearasil PerfectaWash today, which I won in their 50 Free PerfectaWash Kits competition.  Incase you don't know anything about the Clearasil PerfectaWash, it was previously known as the Skincare Revolution, advertised in Glamour magazine.  I used the sample that came with my mag and thought it was great straight away.  I used it in the morning as a cleanser and in the evening too before I ran out of product due to my small sachet. But the sachet packet said it was a wash & mask so I was intregued to try it as a mask because it had felt like a very good cleanse.  So I headed over to their facebook page and requested one - I recieved it around a week later, used it as a mask and found all my spots and blemishes had visably reduced in redness and I could tell if I carried on with the product it would have done very good things to my skin.  I was so happy when mine came in the post today and I received a dispenser and a 'Superfruit Extracts & Vitamin E' refill.  But, I'm not going to say any more than that because I'm going to be posting a video review onto their facebook page so when it's up I will put a link into a post so make sure to head over, take a look and LIKE it for me please, please so I can be in the running for their competition to win £1000! 
    I'm going to film my review on Wednesday the 14th because I'd like a few days to use the product and see the difference it makes, so keep your eyes peeled! 

I'm getting my hair done on Tuesday (13th of March) aswell, so you'll see my new hair in the video too!  It won't be anything dramatic though, just a fringe trim and such!  Before I go, I just want to mention that I've dyed my hair...incase you saw on my twitter I posted a picture of me and a box of hair dye in the shade 'Darkest Brown'...Well, 'Darkest Brown' my friend you should just be called Jet Black.  But oh well, my hair has been around this dark before so I guess it'll wash out lighter so nothing too bad but it's still quite a dramatic change in my eyes! (I don't have a picture because -naturally- by this point in the evening (8.50pm) I have 1.scrapped my hair back due to the annoyance of it being all 'Hey I'm Not The Colour You Want And I'm Gonna Frizz Like A Biatch Just To Make You Mad' & 2. my fringe refusing to be straight and therefore puffing out in all kinds of odd directions).

Thank you for reading! xx

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