Friday, 16 March 2012

Floral Trousers OOTN

(floral tapered trousers - H&M
shirt - Dorothy Perkins
belt - H&M (old)
elephant necklace - New Look
booties - New Look
leather jacket - Dorothy Perkins)

I was planning what to wear to my cousin's surprise party tomorrow night and thought my gorgeous new floral  trousers would fit the bill perfectly.  Although I am a little too short for them (they are supposed to sit on the leg where mine have been rolled up too I hate being so short) so when I unrolled them they look slightly more flared then they do on normal height women!  But I decided to add my only pair of heels to make it a bit more 'night time' (?).  Although I think I might try it with a white shirt...not sure, not sure.

So guys, I was thinking I might take some time out of making videos for a little while because I've been doing videos since January - February and I do enjoy it but I think I may try to work on my blog more, because it's a lot easier for me to blog then it is to make video although I do have a lot of blog ideas that involve videos...I can always make videos that I upload to YouTube for the soul purpose of a blog post? I'm not sure, but I can definitely say photographs are a lot easier for me then videos and I can do photos on my own rather than needing someone to help film.  So yeah, after I have uploaded all the previously filmed videos on my blog I probably won't be doing any videos for a while, except one of me making this 'announcement' and maybe an occasional OOTD that I've recorded on my mobile. Ah!

Speaking of videos, here are my latest few that I haven't put on my blog yet.

Hope you enjoy the videos!

On another note, I got myself a pastel blue eyeliner yesterday, its so pretty!  it's very Capitol (if you've read the Hunger Games, you'll know what I'm talking about!) But I do really really like it, it looks verry different but I'll be sure to take some pictures when I wear it.  I'm thinking about wearing it to the party I'm going to tomorrow night but then I may save it for Mother's Day as I'm going out for a meal with my familly as I don't get to see my family very often because they all live up in Guildford.  Incase you haven't worked out by this point; this means that this weekend I am going up to Guildford and so my post for Sunday will not be written on Sunday.  I'm going to write it tonight through, so it will be up Sunday (how clever scheduling is!).

Have a great weekend guys,

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