Monday, 26 November 2012

RunAway Magazine - featuring me as a writer!

Hello all my lovely ladies (and gentlemen).
I am now a monthly writer for RunAway magazine!  How fantastic is that?  My first article is in this issue released on Sunday the 2nd of December.  My piece is about the link and inspiration between musicians and fashion....But I won't say anymore until it's release.
    RunAway is founder by it's editor in cheif Emily Burke who can also find on her blog.  I do believe the beautiful Coco (blog) also helps out a lot (she may be deputy editor, but I'm not sure on titles!).  It's a magazine run by teenage girls which is why it's so different and unique.  Real fashion by teenagers.  Cool, right?

Check RunAway out on tumblr.

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  1. congrats! what an amazing opportunity, cant wait to see your article! :) xx