Friday, 21 December 2012

Vibing the 90's

Jumper/vintage//Jeans/Ebay originally Topshop//Belt/Vintage//Boots/New Look//Lipstick in Beguiled by Topshop//

Hello my lovlies!  I'm so excited to be writing to you guys!  I missed blogging frequently over the last month.  I haven't been doing good enough.  But I do have a reason...  I'll get onto that in a minute, I think you'll be happy!
When I put this outfit on I was really feeling a grungey 90's vibe so I chose this vintage jumper with my gorgeous boyfriend jeans (that I won for a steal of £5 on Ebay).  Unfortunately when they arrive I realised they are atleast 4 inches too big, so I've belted them for the time being but as soon as I get my sewing machine on Tuesday/Christmas day (SO freaky how quickly Christmas has come around!)  I will be taking them in.  Depending on if the machine comes with a thicker needles suitable for denim...If not then it will have to wait for me to get one.  If any of you are avid sewers, do any of you know if machines come with more that one type of needle?  Let me know.
Anyway, yeah I tried to girl-y it up with the boots, but really I just wore them because they kind of look like heeled chelsea boots from the front and I'm lusting over that kind of shoe right now.  I've moved on from court shoes and boyfriend jeans now that I have both those things and now need heeled chelsea boots!  Hello January sales....
Please excuse my hair, I've jus arrived home from the last day of school.  No lessons, just sitting in tutor with some of my pals that I've become great friends with over the last 5 years at school before some certificates and awards are given out in an assembly, before all the teachers dress up in stupid costumes and do funny dances/sing songs to current chart songs and so on as a sort of goodbye to the year 11's (me!!) and the rest of the school kind of all sit in a watch from the back.  Anyway, it was rather fun and I didn't really focus on my hair remaining neat so...yes.

Back to my original point!  Why I haven't been here?  I've been setting up the content for my new website - Rarity Fashion.  Rarity is going to be just that.  Fashion.  In a pretty little website focussing on all sorts.  So I've been busy planning that out with some lovely ladies writing for it as well as planning the layout and writing myself.  I'll do a separate post on it when there's more for you.  Follow Rarity on Twitter @rarityfashion or email us at

If I don't get to posting anything before Christmas I wish you all a very very fantastic-ly Merry Christmas!  Hope you have the most amazing, lovely Christmas ever!
Lots of love


  1. Love these jeans! x

  2. love this outfit, im loving all the 90s trends atm :) and can't wait to see your website when its up! xx

  3. Chelsea boots with the heels are incredibly comfortable and go with a lot actually, they're really nice!The outfits really nice too :)

  4. That jumper is absouelty gorgeous!!! great outfit, love your style! xxx