Monday, 19 November 2012

Pointy Toed Princesses

I'm beginning to share with you some of the things I find most beautiful this season.  Things I'm really coveting and wishing I had the money to buy for myself... Trust me if I had the money for all the things I can think of in my head, this would be a very good blog indeed.
    Today, I want to share with you one of my most fantasised trends; pointy toed pumps and all their glory.

Pictures from StyleSaint & Pinterest

I made a StyleBook over on StyleSaint, to truly show my love towards this pretty little trend.
It fascinates me how such a delicate pair of shoes can turn an oversized scruffy outfit of boyfriend jeans, a slouchy grey t-shirt & a thrown on too-big, stolen-from-the-boyfriend blazer and turn it into street style heaven.  For this reason, I think I love sophisticated shoesesy like these even more.  The shoes turn the outfit around from boring, lazy tramp to purposefully off-duty chic.  What's not to love?!
     Especially for someone like myself, (15 year old fashion blogger wishing she could get away with wearing a lot more than she can) these shoes are perfect.  They shew away the idea that you can't wear heels under the age of 18 on a day to day basis because they're so damned sexy and cute that they just rock your look.

I don't really think much detail is needed to explain to you guys how fabulous this style of shoe really is.

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