Monday, 31 December 2012

DIY Skirt & A Happy New Year!

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'What have you done today, Megan?' you might ask.  Well, I made a skirt.  The one in the outfit and it cost me a total of £3 to produce.  Much cheaper then going to Topshop or the like for something similar...I'm so happy with it!
I've just filmed my Christmas haul and within that you will see that I got a sewing machine for Crimbo.  I've wanted one for a good few years to make my own clothes and try and save money (as I'm dreadful at saving :-( )  So yeah, since Christmas (bearing in mind I was away for 3 days - machine-less!) I've made this skirt, another one, in a different fabric, a pair of shorts, 2 bags and a few random things.  Pretty good going I say!
I went to the fabric shop a few days ago and got the houndstooth print fabric along with some crushed velvet but I'm still wondering what to do with the velvet.  I could make another skirt (from Toppers the equivalent would be £30 odd) or a really nice pair of shorts... I'd love to learn how to make a blazer so I could make a velvet shorts suit.  That would be so cool!  But I imagine blazers are  very difficult...Maybe I'll ask my sewing teacher to help me.  Or if you guys know, comment, it would be so helpful!
Anyway, I'm loving my new tshirt too!  I wore it with some amazing leather trousers I got in the Topshop sale and my mum said I looked like I was from Wham....Hmm.  My bag is new as well and despite it being really quite boxy and feeling plastic-y, it's gorgeous.  What else do you expect from Primark, though?  It was such a bargain at £12 I couldn't resist.
Oh, and I decided not to crop all of my room out of the photos as I really don't like just having a rectangle for an outfit photo, I'd rather have my messy room in the picture!  I really should start taking pictures elsewhere....Oh well!
I hope you guys have all had a brilliant Christmas and as it's the 31st of December, a fantastic New Year!  I'm really looking forward to spending it with all of my friends, yay!  What are you guys doing and what are you wearing?  I'll definitely get some pictures of my evening and my outfit up in the next few days.  Maybe, I'll post my resolutions and look back at them this time in 2013.

Love you all loads!


  1. I LOVE this skirt! wish i could make things like that aha! x

    1. My friend Mannie made a really easy tutorial to make it, search mightymannie on youtube and you'll find it! It's easy and really satisfying. And thank you! x

  2. love this outfit! and I can't believe you made your skirt its amazing :)
    happy new year! :) xx

  3. Your skirt is amazing, I can't believe you managed to make it for £3! My mum's always been a sewer and I've often handed her some fabrics to make some items for me, but I find fabric to be really expensive! I was eager to buy some crushed velvet recently but at my local fabric shop it was £12 a metre, which seemed excessive!

    Also, I adore your room decor! It looks stuffed with trinkets and I've always been a huge fan of exposed hardwood floors! xx

    1. Thank you! £12?! That's extortionate! I got it from Fabric Land, but check out their website its very cheap compared to that. x