Friday, 30 November 2012

Not On The Highstreet

(Jeans & Shirt - Topshop, Shoes - Primark)

This hot little sweatshirt is by Nell & the cutest of the cute this necklace is by Literary Emporium through Not on the High Street.
Not on the High Street is a lovely company, full of smaller brands that sell all sorts.  From small gifts to clothing.  Bath-bombs to mugs.  All sorts!  A few of my family members have been using Not on the High Street for a while now and all the gifts they always buy are so cute and pretty.  NOTHS has something for everyone, in my opinion.  A 15 year old like me or a 60 year old, I truly feel there is something for everyone no matter your taste.
    If you look through the website you'll find loads of options to browse the different categories, a lot of them done by theme which I just love.  If you go to the 'gifts' option there are loads of personality types to choose from; art-lover, style savvy.  Even wine connoisseur!  Obviously that's great for if you need to buy a gift for someone you don't know too well - a secret santa maybe?  Judge on what you think there personality type may be and Bob's your uncle!
     There is also a fabulous selection of Christmas gifts, arranged into different categories based on the person you're buying for and price range.
     They stock all kinds of brands.  Some you will have heard of, some you won't have.  Alphabet Bags for one, RegalRose another big name brand.  Oh and some of the jewellery is just to die for as you can tell from the ridiculously cute horsey!  The horse just had to be's so cute!

Literary Emporium is all based around the name.  All their products have literature within them.  For example all their necklaces come like above, with a gorgeous fitting quote from a book.  If you're into book, make sure you check it out!

I chose this sweatshirt because I've fancied a sweatshirt for a really, really long time so when a lovely lady from NOTHS contacted me I knew I had to pick this!  I love the brand's printing and I just thought this jumper was too good to miss.  It's unisex and I got it in a Medium as there wasn't anything smaller available. But it's so versatile and not to mention how comfy it is!  It's soft and that gorgeous fleecy feel inside which is just to die for.  Especially on those cold, drizzly days (here in England anyway) when you come in soaking wet, super cold feet and in need of snuggly clothes, hot chocolate and wintery feel good movies.  Obviously this jumper is not only for those occasions as I am ready to style the hell out of it.  Expect a lookbook based on it soon!  Would you prefer it as a video or photos?  Let me know!


  1. Adore the sweatshirt!

    & would love to see a video lookbook! xx

    1. I can do a video look book! I'll do a post when it's up. x

  2. love this necklace, so cute!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog