Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year my lovelies!
Really quick post to say I hope you all had a fantastic evening doing whatever you did.
I don't like what I wore and I chose it in about 10 minutes flat as I was late and super rushed.  Sad times.  Nontheless 2013 is going to be a brilliantly dressed year for me (or as I hope)

So my resolutions!  I don't usually bother and if I do I don't stick to them but I'm going to try this year as things need to change.
- be more organised.  With everything.  Do list/plan out when I need to revise or do work & Rarity stuff.  This includes organising and planning outfits before going out so that I look decent...
- Dress better.  Put more effort in everyday, not just when I can be bothered
- Do more fashion-y things.  I want to be in the industry so I need to push myself into work experience, more blogging and every opportunity I get (and go to LFW!).
- To make Rarity fantastic
- Be a tad healthier (we all know this one needs to be thrown in!)
- Majorly focus on things - blogging, Youtube, Rarity.  Expect better blogging this year!

What are yours?  I've been generous and given myself lots.  Let hope we can all keep them!


  1. you outfit is lovely! Happy New year! x

  2. Happy new year lovely! You have some great new year's resolutions- every year in mine I include 'be healthier', but it never happens haha. My main resolutions are to write a journal; be less scared (i.e. to meet new people or say yes to opportunities); and to stop being so indecisive, which annoys both myself and my friends greatly.

    Sarah xo

    1. Ah, me too, but trying for a day won't do any harm I'm sure. I'd love to write a journal! I'd never stick to it though so best stick to blogging! xx