Friday, 4 January 2013

Ripped Trousers

Jumper/Vintage//Trousers/Topshop//Bag/Primark//Shoes/YesWalker//Faux Fur Stole/H&M//Chain Necklace/H&M//Lipstick/Topshop in Inhibition//

My day has consisted of maths and science revision, watching Austin Powers and falling over in the street.  Whilst falling over in the street, my beautiful pleather trousers ripped.  Sad sad times, but no worries and I fixed them with my sewing machine *party*.  Outfit photos were made possible!

Short post today as I'm off to do lots of Rarity work!  Love you guys.


  1. Love this outfit! Gorgeous shoes :) xx

  2. love this outfit so much! in fact i'm in love with all your outfits atm you've got such amazing style! :)
    and can't believe your trousers ripped, thank god for your sewing machine! xx

  3. I love the trousers! Your sewing is so professional! Do you do sewing in school? I chose to do costume as part of my Drama GCSE and I'm expected to make a dress from hand, without any assistance from the school! It's going to be hard work but I'm eager to build up my skills!


    1. Aw thank you, but no I don't they don't teach us how to sew garments. That sounds so difficult! Yeah definitely try and practise a lot on other things first xx

  4. i always fail miserably when i attempt to put my hair up, but yours looks perfect! x

  5. I want your trousers! It's good that you could save them :)