Sunday, 27 January 2013


Today I made a scrunchie in the essence of Ashish SS13 and I'm just in love.  So cute.  I got the tutorial from Company's Febuary issue, so go and get it, it's fabulous this month.

But on a less childhood reminiscent note, you may have noticed some changes to my blog.  I'm not longer A British Muse!  I'm not Crystallised Fashion, as you can see from the header, URL etc.
    Ever since I began my blog I was worried A British Muse sounded vain and odd.  I never meant that I was a British Muse, I meant it in the way that this blog was all my musings...nontheless, times have no changed!  I went for Crystallised Fashion because metaphorically fashion is this huge web of 1000's of different things all under one title and so blogging is one large facet of such diamond/crystal and I am a very small facet of such diamond; therefore I went for crystallised fashion.  Ta Da!  Opinions?

I also got my fantastic friend Paige to do some illustrations of me for my header and I love how they turned out!
(this is she)

Paige's blog is just great and she deserves more followers.  She post hauls, OOTDs, inspiration and all sorts!  I definitely reccomend her blog.  You can also follow her on tumblr and twitter.  She's fab!

lots of love x

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  1. She is sooooo talented! I've literally been looking for ages for an illustrator like Paige! I hope she replies/takes up my offer and creates a header as fab as the one you got!
    ps, love the new URL x