Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Topshop Studded Boots

Topshop boots - £40

I got these babies when I went to Brighton at the beginning of August and they are just going to be my perfect winter boot!  (besides the pair of chelsea boots I will find and buy...)
They fit in perfectly with the new seasons trends, the whole goth idea and the stud mayhem around right now.  I can see these boots going with so many different outfits so totally worth it for me.

This post is just super quick and I hope you guys can forgive me as I have been super duper busy recently!  I'm currently re-doing my bedroom and it's taking a while so I'm busy with that and lots of other things as it's the last week of my holiday before school starts again and that will probably lead to even more infrequent posting but please stick with me!  Oh and before I forget to tell you I have filmed my bedroom before I got it decorated so will do a before & after video for you when it's all done and show you around my bedroom a bit more!  

Lastly I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Charmaine from her lovely blog I linked in her name (go check it out if you haven't already!)  for blogging about me and sharing me with all of her lovely followers.  & Of course a huge thank you to all of you guys who have come from her blog and had a look through my blog (and if I'm lucky you have followed).  So thank you to all of you especially Charmaine!

Must go to bed before I zonk out....Good night! (of good day whatever your time is!)


  1. How I love your boots! I'm following you! :)

    Shape and Fashion

  2. Saw these today when I went in to town and was SO tempted. Next time, next time. I love them though, like you said, definitely a perfect winter boot.


  3. Lucky you with these boots! I want some but can't decide which colour.... X

    1. Oh I haven't seen any other colours!! x

  4. Ah they're lovely boots. Haha I found you through the post Charmaine did and followed, really surprised your blog hasn't got more followers.

  5. You look gorgeous, I love this laid back preppy look :-) Found your blog through Charmaine, so glad I did! xxx

  6. These are so versatile, it's so great that you bought them!