Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Brighton Rocks - yes rocks!

Everything from Topshop (Opps....!) except: L rings: L - Miss Selfridge R - H&M & earrings - Silver Scene

If you follow me on Twitter then you may know that I am currently in Brighton until Sunday with my family.  We normally go to Brighton a few times a year as my grandad has a flat here that he lets us stay in whenever it's free (he usually rents it out) so my parents jumped at the chance when they found out it was free a few days ago so here we are!  It's not too much trouble for us to get up and go to Brighton as it's only an hour away from us and we can pack very quickly so, yeah here we are.

I didn't really plan any of the outfits that I would wear when we got here, I just threw all of my clothes I've been wearing recently into my travel bag so when I put this together this morning it was hard as it was that annoying weather; you know it's warm enough for shorts but it's cloudy and miserable looking so you'd look silly in shorts ect.  So I went for these pyjama trousers, very thin and comfy for a long day of walking around and seeing sights (even though I have seen them all before...100's of times...) and decided it needed to be dressed up with my peplum top.  I can't preach to you enough how much I love this Topshop peplum top, despite a lot of people hating them due to not fitting their shapes or just they have a distaste to them!  But I love them and I think they are incredibly flattering on my shape (in my opinion) and an awful lot of other people too.  

I got my fringe cut the other day, back into a bare-able length for me.  Thank God, I could not stand it before, I had to keep curling it under to look like how it does now and in real life it looked so silly, so it's a relief!  I love short fringes I think they look pretty and cute but still give you an 'edge' without looking overwhelmed by a fringe; like I tend to when my fringe is longer.  My fringe seems to take over my entire face!

Unfortunately after we ate, I forgot to take any more photographs so I apologise.  But lucky for you guys, I'll be going out again tomorrow and the next day and the next until sunday so I'll try my best to take some pictures of the shops and pretty places that we go to.  

We walked along the sea front up to Brighton Pier, to the coolest restaurant ever! JB's American Diner and it is soo cool!  Amazing American diner food; think all kinds of burgers, hot dogs, wraps, sandwiches... and top notch super cool milshakes and ice cream!  I couldn't get any better photos as the place was packed with families and screaming children so I didn't want any one ruining my photos.  But if any of you are ever near Brighton make sure to go there, it's soo cool!  Photos of 50's style bit all over the place; Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn all over the place.  Completely inspired by America, it's just so cool!
    Then we went off to all the pretty little shops, they are just SO cute!  Got a pretty little pair of cross earrings in a little silver shop, coolest pair of black suede studded ankle boots & some cool new dark lipstick from Topshop!

Lipstick in Beguiled - £8, Boots - £40 both Topshop

Pretty me at the end....!
I'll do a review on the lipstick/post something on it when I get home and I'll do one for the boots aswell. 

Ah, just ordered a spiked bracelet from ebay too, thank you Paige if you're reading this!  Can't go wrong for £1.21 including delivery - despite the shipping from China and the 12-24 day wait...!

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic day and enjoy this post!


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  1. I love your peplum top! I'm off to Brighton in a couple of weeks - I can't wait :)