Tuesday, 7 August 2012

#1 Smallish Stores: Pop Couture

So as part of my 'upping the game' and what not I've decided I'm going to do a feature on my blog of cool little stores that I have found, doesn't matter if they are web based or small independant shops; just small(ish) new(ish) brands/shops that all you guys may or may not have heard off.  I just thought it would be a really cool way of seeing into new brands and new shops without having to search too far and spend too much!  I know that I probably won't buy anything from the store I'm focusing on this month, purely because I am a 15 year old girl without a job and the only money I get is from my parents/family so I usually spend it on going out and what not.  But if I had a job and was older I would definitely order lots of things from Pop Couture as they have a huge variety of clothing, shoes and accessories.


These are just a few of the pieces I picked out, I could have chosen many, many more!  But I chose a few of my favourites for you guys to see and if you like head on over to Pop Couture.  I saw the lovely Rosie wearing the white shirt above in her post and knew they would be my style, so I checked it out and was extremely surprised about the cost & how cheap it was which is always a plus for anyone hard of cash ( like me!) and still have something very stylish and 'edgy'.  
    I also noticed that they sell a very wide range of clothing, targeting more than just the bloggers and the fash-pack after the grungy 90's look, but also for the modern party goers that need a sexy dress, cheap and fast.  Not to mention the amazing accessories they have on offer, that everybody and their mother would be able to find something they liked, no matter what your style! 

I hope you've found this post helpful and you've found a cool new shop to head for whenever you're in need of some new bits.  What's great about small-ish stores aswell is that no one will know where it's from or remember what the website name was you've told them, so they can't go copying you like sometimes our annoying friends do!

I haven't been sponsored or anything for this post, I just wanted to get some new things out there and on my blog for you lovely readers.  Hope you all have a great day! 


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