Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sun and Fresh Blog Starts

(Everything from Topshop except sunglasses from Urban Outfitters)

My outfit was just really simple today but I still wanted it to be cute and sophisticated.  I just went out with a few friends so it really wasn't a big occasion, so I opted for this cute little sequin top and a pair of black jeans so that my shoes, bag & lipstick really made the outfit.  (please ignore my mum's feet, she was sun bathing!)

I apologise it's a little boring but for a quick post I thought it would be ok!  I'm hopefully going to be 'upping my game' a little bit on my blog and my youtube channel;  I'm going to try to do more 'How I style' posts and videos, maybe some hair tutorials and more stuff that is currently on trend - lots of post about stuff like that!  I want to make my blog more interesting for readers and it will help me to learn how to be a better blogger for the future!  If you guys leave me some comments or get in contact with me and leave me some request I'll be more than happy to do that stuff for you as well, I promise I don't bite! 

Anyway I hope you guys have a great day and like the outfit! 



  1. i love those shoes so much! x

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