Thursday, 21 February 2013

Valentine's Antics & Short Life Ramble

I'm late with my Valentine's post, but I've been major busy this week so I'll leave my excuses to the minimum of that extent.  For V day, I cooked Lewis and myself dinner then we just chilled out.  I won't elaborate, you can see it all from the pictures!

home made by me - chicken, bacon and pea risotto!

Yummy gooey in the middle chocolate puddings

My lovely gifts!

Lewis' grumpy pose

slight out of focus...

on to my outfit!

Dress - UO, Belt & Blazer - Primark, Shoes & necklace - Primark

A very lovely evening!  Although looking back I have no idea why I wore that, because I look absolutely terriblly rough!  I haven't the faintest why I didn't bother doing my hair nicer or sorting out my make up...  Ugh, forever unsatisfied.  Anyway...

I'm feeling truly dissapointed with my style recently.  It's getting more and more boring and same-y.  I need to go on a major shop, I think.  My style is crying out for some major exciting key pieces; namely some accessories and a few stunning pieces that aren't too ordinary.  I don't want to be stuck in a rut of boring clothes!  If you know where I can get some super cool pieces, let me know. 
Especially since I've been reading through every single blogger's LFW posts, I've been feeling like an outsider.  Trust me, I tried to go to LFW but apparently my blog is not good enough at this point.  Lets try next season, eh?  Going to have fashtastic updates and replacements everywhere.  
Okay.  I hope you're looking forward to it.

P.S I've had a haircut...When I asked for it to be cut bluntly and straight on the ends...I got 3 inches off.  I am certainly not happy, reversing all the efforts that it took me over the last year of growing it to the length it was but, I'll just have to rock it in a slightly different way.  Sure I can do it.



  1. Awh what a good looking couple! The dinner you made looks so yummy too!

  2. i love your hair like this! and i know what you mean with falling into the same trends, I'm always going for the same items in my wardrobe at the moment :(