Wednesday, 3 July 2013

DIY Distressed Shorts & Me being Inspired

I've been loving the look of super ripped up distressed shorts recently, but I didn't want to attempt it at all myself....  Previously when I've tried, all I've done it utterly ruin expensive items of clothing... Fortunately, this time around, these black Levi's didn't cost me very much nor were they particularly unique or something I couldn't buy again if my DIY went wrong.
But of course, I sought out the help from The Fashion Citizen!  I love Stephanie and Melissa's style and I wish I lived somewhere as hot and perfect as Arizona.  But alas I do not...
Their tutorial shows you exactly how to distress the shorts in the super cool ripped way, so check ittttt.  Although, I did end up with black fluff all over the floor of my bedroom... A bare-able downside.

As much as I love the outcome, I'm going to do it again on a blue pair soon.  The black thread of the shorts make it so you can barely see the rips :-(.  
Still mega happy!

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