Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Monochrome Love

Vest - Primark, Jeans and Denim Jacket - Topshop, Boots and Rings - H&M, Necklace - Dorothty Perkins

I bought this cute little monochrome sheer vest-y top today, envisaging all the outfits I can rock it with for S/S.   Today I thought I'd go simple with my go to jeans, but ah, it will just go with everything!  Not bad for £4.
This is like a shopping, or cinema outfit, just a day to day kind of one, but if I was to dress it up some more, I think I would go for a pair of black cigarette trousers or stick with the jeans and put on a black blazer with gorgeous heels or stick with the they're my new favourites.  Despite really hurting my toes, though.

Whenever I make a mirror image of my outfits, it always loses its quality.  For example, all of my pictures are taken on the same, very good, camera.  So, why, when I edit them into mirrored images, do they go all rubbishy?!  If you know, please help a girl out!

Oh, and thank you all so very much for your book recommendations, I will get my hands on them as soon as I can, but currently I am just about to begin the second book in the Beautiful Creatures series; Beautiful Darkness.  The book turned out to be so much better than the movie, so, I was right!  The movie completely changed the storyline of the ending, which totally annoyed me.  If you make a movie of a book, atleast stick to the storyline closer than they did.  Maybe they did it because they don't intend on making another movie.  I'm not sure, but nonetheless, I'm loving the books.  Mind you, they're totally ruining my revision schedule.

Talking of revision schedules, I must go back...Sad Megan.


  1. The vest top is super cute! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Same here! They're so fun to mix around and thanks x

  3. whole outfit is perfect x

  4. You are so pretty! I love this outfit! I just started a new blog, would you like to follow each other?(:


  5. Love this Look!! The blouse is stunning!

    Best Jasmin

  6. Gorgeous outfit! This is kind of weird, but do you mind me asking where your rug is from? haha it looks so cosy and fluffy - i really want one for my bedroom :P
    -Kate xo

  7. If I fail my exams this year I am going to hold you partially responsible ;) I have spent the best part of 2 hours watching your youtube videos/reading your backlog of blog posts. Definitely found myself another favourite blogger, cue failure at first year uni exams xo