Saturday, 9 February 2013

Itty Bitty Haul & OOTN Video

These are my recent purchases over the last week or so, so I thought I'd share them with you!  Even though I'm currently saving up a bit of money to go for a big shop in the half term, so there isn't a lot.  Still thought it would be good to get this up though, so enjoy!

As featured in my last post...The Lacey Jeans!  Who else is in love?  I am.  Very deeply.  
They're so gorgeous, they're just the perfect mixture of slouchy boyfriend and nice fitting so that I don't look like a huge fatso.  
May I just note that all this week, whilst I've cut most of the crap out of my diet, I have significantly slimmed (or so I have noticed - no one else has, but whatever!) so these jeans are already a few inches too big... But still wearable nontheless.
Anyway, yes, they're fabulous.

The clutch is from Primark (£2!).  I wasn't in search of a clutch at all, I just walked past and saw that it was only 2 pounds and felt I would not miss out on the little cutie.  Infact, I was in search of the belt (also only £2) but as I was sort of rushing, I managed to pick it up in a M/L instead of S/M which is majorly frustrating so I've made a hip hole but not yet a waist one.  To be honest, I was expecting it to look great with loads of things, but in reality it doesn't look so good on me.  I think it might be my short legs...I don't really know.

As for the little beauty pieces, they're all from Fragrance Direct, except the moisturiser.  Incase you haven't heard of Fragrance Direct, its basically a super cheap beauty site and in total my purchase of Bourjois foundation and concealer, a brush and Essie nail polish came to £10 including P&P.  How bloody good?! 
   Unfortunately there is a really limited amount of shades so I was lucky that the foundation and concealer actually matched to me as there was literally about 4 shades to pick from, I just chose the lightest.  The Essie polish only had about 6 options to choose from which was gutting but I love the pink colour!  It's just SO cute.  Then we come to the brush.  I was expecting the brush to be a mini but not as mini as it is!  I was a little dissapointed but for one pound something I didn't really mind.
Then the moisturiser!  So it's Olay Essential Beauty Fluid.  The box claimed to make my skin utterly beautiful and soft and lovely and I think it's aimed at an older age group to myself but I still am really liking it!  I usually go for a different Olay one, but I'm glad I went for this one instead!

Okay, so this was longer than I expected it to be.  Next time I do a haul, I'll either make a video or I'll just take individual pictures and write small captions.  Anyway, hope you like what I bought!  Have you bought anything you're particularly happy with recently?

Oh and I also filmed an OOTN recently so here it is: