Saturday, 21 July 2012

Feels like summertime

trousers - Topshop, t-shirt - UO, jumper - Topshop, boat shoes - Topshop jewellery all Topshop, sunnies - UO

I took this photo on my dad's camera as mine is dead and we have no batteries, wah wah wah.  It's a little too bright and a little out of focus because this is the best of the bunch!  I have no idea how to work it other than to press record to film videos :(

So I'm wearing this today and I think it looks really cute.  There is glorious sunshine outside so I decided to show off some colours!  Orange, pink & mint do it perfectly I think and the trousers tone it down perfectly but keep it bright and summery with the print and lightness off them.  I finished it off with my jewellery just to make it perfect!  The only bad thing is that you can see the pink top through my thin trousers but hopefully it's not too noticeable...

I wasn't sure that is was shorts weather so I went for these trousers that I got for my birthday a few days ago as you probably know if you've seen either of my last two posts.  They're prefect for summer; they're a light material and they're a floaty comfortable shape that lets your skin breath and soak up the heat without clingy to you.  I am a skinny jeans girl all the way so when I wear trouser I always wear skinny jeans or skinny tapered trouser or patterned leggins all that are tights fitting on my legs and show the shape so I'm surprised at myself for liking these as they do none of those thing, but nonetheless I adore them!  Maybe because they're so not me that they're me!  If you get me...?

I'm off to read a book in the garden as all my friends are busy with family or dancing...grr.  Going out later on with my boyfriend and maybe we'll go for a bike ride or something I don't know yet!  Although tomorrow should be a great day, I'm going out with my lovely friend Sasha then I'm going for a meal with all my friends in celebration of my birthday then we're going to sit on the beach or something so it will be lovely!  Post should be up monday maybe?

have a good day! xxx


  1. Cute pictures ! I like your style and
    +1 new Follower for that

    Lots of love, Meroda