Monday, 23 April 2012

Nevada lipstick by Topshop

Nevada lipstick by Topshop - £8

I have seen a few different reviews on this lipstick before and it turns out nothing like I thought it would!  Nevada is a nude lipstick, that has a fairly matte finish in my opinion - a different formula completely compared to my other Topshop lipstick in Confession.  When I wore it for the first time, my lips weren't in the best state that they usually are and it looked really cloggy (???).  It looked like I had rubbed pale concealer all over my lips, which I didn't love and was initially dissapointed with, but the next day my lips had returned to their normal state and I tried it again and was pleasantly surprised!  This time it didn't look cakey or cloggy but just a nice nude colour which lasted a really long time throughout the day!  I was very suprised and happy with how long it lasted actually!  It got to a point where I couldn't feel anything on my lips and went to touch up, but I found all the lipstick still on, which I was happy with.  

The pictures above don't particularly do it justice as the lighting was appalling; causing it to look a lot pinkier than it is, but I assure you it is most definitely a nude.  I have heard people say that the sticker on the bottom doesn't resemble the colour at all, but I find on mine it does so I'm not sure where that came from unless Topshop fixed up their little mistake.  

What I did find odd was though, when I was in store I was browsing the lipsticks and saw two different Nevada lipsticks.  Both the testers where next to each other on the little row things that they are put out in, except one was way paler and one was a lot more pinky (whilst still being nude, just not white and ghostly)  I thought it was very odd and went for the pinkier toned one, but even when I swatched both of them, they were both different colours as well as having different coloured stickers despite having the same name....?  If you have an explanation for this, please please comment and explain to me as I am very confused!

My swatches aren't fabulous due to the horrific lighting in my bedroom when I took these pictures last night, but it came out to seem to have shimmer in it, which it doesn't so I probably had somehow managed to get glitter on my hand (?).

How do you like this lipstick if you've tried it?  If you haven't would you?


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