Friday, 4 May 2012

OOTD & weekly chatter

Shirt - Henry Holland in Debenhams
floral trousers - H&M
denim jacket - Topshop
socks - Topshop
tassle loafers - Topshop
Yellow belt - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Bag - Topshop
Headband - vintage
lipstick - 'Confession' by Topshop

Long time no speak I'm very sorry lovelies!  So, this is the outfit I wore a few days ago to go out with my mumma.  We went to Albert Road so that I could get some Levi shorts then we went to that cute little cafe I mentioned before.  It was really lovely!  I love going out and doing cute things hahaha
    Then we went into town and looked around to get my brother some clothes...(got him some Vans and what not - I really want some! :-( ) Along the way we picked up this gorgeous baroque/scarf print silk shirt, so beautiful

Unfortunately you can't see it very well in this photo as it's tucked into my short, but I can't get a picture of it right now as its packed in the bottom of my going away bag as I'm going up to Cardiff for the bank holiday weekend with family which should be good; I'm hoping to get a few pretty pieces for my spring/summer wardrobe (if it ever comes around) from Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Zara or one of the amazing shops that where I live does not have :'(. 

I think I'll be looking out for new shoes...don't know what I'm looking for exactly just an amazing pair to do me well over the next year...I don't know but I fancy a new pair! 

Back to the shorts I got (you can see them in the photo above as well as the one below)  they are just lush!  They are just Levi's 501 cut offs and they were around knee length when I bought them, but obviously I cut them!  They are a little too short now for what I wanted, but oh well!  I could really do with a nice black belt to go with them though, I only have a small thin one which kind of sucks :(

(I was wearing my brothers Vans as I would really like a pair! His fit me as well, bless his size 4 feet!)

I've also really been into this whole bee-hive-y looking thing that is in all of the above pictures.  I don't know why I just think I like it because it's different to how I've styled my hair recently (pretty much either down or in a topknot/pineapple).  But I'm getting it done on Tuesday the 8th so thank goodness, this pain will all be over soon!!

I'll update you on my fitness stuff soon guys, have a lovely weekend!  I'll be sure to post some OOTD's and pictures when I get back from Cardiff on Monday evening!  Have an amazing bank holiday weekend!


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