Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review #1: Front Row: Rough and Tousled Salt Spray

Front Row - Rough and Tousled Salt Spray

First off, I want to say that my hair is very thick and course and so it's pretty dry a lot and because I use heat on it aswell, it's not the best of conditioned hair a girl could have!  My hair is also really quite short as you will have probably seen in my other posts, if you have been reading my blog!  In addition to this information, if you like to call it that, this product may work differently in your hair, but this is just my opinion of the effect it has on mine.  But if your hair is similar to mine, it will probably do the same thing.

Despite the claims 'texturised volume & waves' I found no particular added wave to my hair then normal (my natural wavy/curlyish hair doesn't change my opinion).  I originally picked up the product because I thought it would give my hair lovely beachy waves, rather than frizzy half curls (a lot of the time I use heat on my hair, I don't think there any pictures of my natural hair as it is at the moment on this blog).  But it didn't really make an effect on my hair other then leave it feeling dirty and whenever I touched it, little white flakes fell down, a bit like dust...Not great when I'm sat in school and I'm malting; what to other people appears to be dandruff or other icky things!  But yes, this product failed to make me go 'wow' or anything of the like.
    When my hair was straight and I put it onto my dry hair, it was a little like using a hair wax to make it more volumized - so I'll be fair and say it did give me hair slightly more volume (when straight) but when my hair was left naturally it really did not make a lot of difference and a waxed volumy look was not at all what I wanted.  Although, I've heard good things about Front Row's shine mist or whatever it's called so I may try that, but other than that, I didn't feel it did anything special.

I tried to use it on my friend's hair as she has quite the opposite hair to me (long, soft, normal thickness/thinness, perfect conditioned) and it did evidentally make a slight wave in one side of her hair, after I spritzed away at it for about five whole minutes, although the other side I probably only spritzed for three and that side looked normal - possible a tiny tousled, but nothing noticable particularly - so I guess you could maybe try it on your hair to see what effect it has, but the friend I tried it on said she thought it was crappy (me too really, but I don't want to be too critical).

I don't have any pictures with the product, as I forgot, I have one when I have straight hair with it in, but I was out for a meal and we're stood outside and really you can not see a thing so you guys will have to go picture-less!  Next review's up tomorrow!
Meg x

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