Sunday, 12 February 2012

January Inspiration (Late)

Fashion Toast

This was my January inspiration (sorry I've only just got it all together I've been being extremely lazy recently!)  As you have probably noticed, I've been having a very Alexa Chung inspired month.  I just love her style, she's so cool, everything she wears looks effortlessly put together and chic!  The picture of her and Alex Turner I put in because I loove Arctic Monkeys and Alexa obviously and I just think it's a shame they broke up last summer.  Oh, and how beautiful does the 5th picture look?! I love it, the nose ring makes it just look amazing in my opinion!
I have put links on all the images so you know where I got them from, but some I could not remember so if anyone sees their image on here, please email me and I will quickly put in your credit!  Disclaimer: I do not own any of the above images in this post.  

So, who's looking forward to Valentine's Day?! I am! (my boyfriend still hasn't got me a pressie though...but he's taking my shopping tomorrow! Woo!)
Meg xx

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