Monday, 27 February 2012

Hello Pretties!

Just a quick update for today, because I know I have been a bit lacking recently and as a new blogger this is not a very good starting point as I want my blog to be consistent!  I do have my reviews coming up and I know I said I would do them today, but I just haven't got around to it!  I'm sorry!  I can hopefully get them written maybe tonight and posted by tomorrow, but I will most likely write & post them tomorrow.  So come back and have a read!  Just as a reminder, I'm reviewing Front Row - Salt Spray, Andrew Barton - Gloss Boss and Umberto Gianni - Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm.  

I finished the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins yesterday afternoon, am well into the second book and am speedily thinking of what to type whilst trying to catch up with Lewis who I have not seen in a while on Facebook and all the while wanting to do nothing but read (guilty as charged).  But I admit I am enjoy talking to Lewis and writing this, so all is fair! 
    I looooove the Hunger Games though, I seriously reccomend them, they aren't normally the type of book I'd go for (I'm more a a Twilight girl myself - cringe) but I've found myself not being able to put these books down...  Unsuprisingly I can't wait for the movie, the actress playing Katniss looks just as I imagine, but I in  my head she was a stick - due to starvation and what not, maybe a slightly more defined face.  But I can't say I think Peeta or Gale look how imagine.  Oh, well!

Sorry there are no pictures, I was going to post one of the Hunger Games cast or something but I got carried away and left this post un posted for like half an hour because I was too engulfed in looking at disappointing pictures of the cast (no offence movie makers, but Gale DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THAT!)

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