Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stormy weather

Is it me or has the weather turned all of a sudden?! Yeah, it was cold in December, but these last few days have been so so bitterly cold! not to mention the horrendous wind and rain! anyway, besides that, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Years, I know I did!  Sorry I haven't posted, I have been very busy with the holiday and I have a big exam coming up as well as a lot of other things due, so I have been doing a lot of revision.
I thought I would do a Christmas & January Sales haul so I filmed a video for you, as photographing in my room is very awkward because its such bad lighting.  Sorry for being a moaner!

Got an OOTD scheduled for tomorrow as well, so come back and take a look! 

Meg x

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  1. you are so gorgeous, I love your necklace and your hair and your make-up :o

    love your blog too :)
    x x