Monday, 16 January 2012

A Bit Different...

Alright, so I have what three posts? I have decided whilst looking through my blog that I don't like A) the look of my blog at all, and B) what I'm posting doesn't look how I want it to.  I want it to be chic and beautiful and I want the pictures to inspire others. So I'm going to start again, almost, with this blog.  I will try my best to take outfit of the days outside and somewhere interesting so it makes  a good photo, not something that is ill lit and not remotely nice to look at like it is at the moment.  I am also going to post about what inspires me - so like over the last week or so I have been very inspired by a video I found on LeFashion it was about a magazine (Jalouze? Something like that) it starred Ashley Smith and it was beautiful and I felt really inspired by it and because of this I will round up all the photos & videos that have currently been inspiring me and create a post that hopefully will inspire readers also.
I want to make this blog so I can show how I feel about fashion and show my knowledge and I really hope you enjoy it.

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